Trust and Belief in Business

Trust and Belief in BusinessTrust as they say is like money that you can spend, save, and lend and sometimes you get robbed. As a businessman, I have tried several times to look for ways that would help me expand what little I know in the business world. I have read dozen of business books, spent thousands in buying materials that I thought would help me know what to do, but then they all made me more confused since some of them have the same methods and theories but when gave each of them a try, nothing really happened! I didn’t know what to do. My wife saw my frustration one day and told me that she would ask her brother who had recently opened up his business. In such a short time, he was able to put up and handled his businesses and customers well. He was stable enough and is now planning to open another office in the nearby town. I didn’t keep my hopes up thinking that I was just unlucky in the businesses and should think of earning money a different way.

One day, my wife gave me a book with CDs. Her brother told her that these were the stuff that helped him become successful. My brother-in-law told her to ask me to take care of his “business Bible,” and that I should not only keep things that I would be learning by heart but practice them as well. I started reading Dan Pena’s My First 100 Million and listening to his audio CDs and seminars the about business success. Watching all his recorded live seminars, I was able to acquire the knowledge that I have never heard before. Dan emphasized the importance of hard work and the knowledge on how to deal with your customers. I have never heard such powerful delivery of words that would really affect your belief and change your perception as to how true success is really achieved.