Unique Program for Dan Pena’s 7-Day Castle Seminar

Unique Program for Dan Pena’s 7-Day Castle SeminarEvery company or business owner can utilize some sage advice from time to time and the Dan Pena Castle Seminar is one of those events that should never be missed. The consumer market is constantly revolving around changes both in society and public perception. This is the reason why simple business owners, managers, and top level management should learn how to cope with specific changes in the industry. This will not only enable you to earn a marginal profit as quick reflexes will allow you to bring your business to the next level. 

Dan Pena is better known as the “$400 Million Man” and the chairman of the Guthrie Group. He was able to build a $445-million-dollar business (Great Western Resources Inc.) in less than eight years and this was during the worst downturn in the energy business. He is the right person to source for business advice and other techniques that will help you utilize your existing resources and turn your business into a rousing success.

The 7-day Castle Seminar is renowned to teach new and existing business owners the same techniques utilized by Dan Pena himself. It is composed of an intense strategic lecture that will help you understand the rudiments of running a business without the fluff associated with other business seminars available in the market. The event will be held on his personal estate in Guthrie, Scotland and will feature an honest insight into the corporate and executive world.

There are a lot of self help-books to enhance your perception and knowledge on how to better build your business but the Dan Pena Castle Seminar is truly one of a kind. Previous attendees were in awe about the vast amount of knowledge procured from Dan Pena himself. He teaches you the right way on how to start a business from scratch, how to evaluate the potential of business or company, how to attract the right people that are in-line with your goals, and how to overcome the fear of failure.

The Castle Seminar will also delve on the “power of perception” and how you can utilize a positive mindset to turn every business into a verifiable market success. Dan Pena’s Castle Seminar is considered to be a no-holds-barred insight that deals with the various techniques on how to run a business. The seminar is renowned to have assisted countless luminaries and captains of the industry to realize their dreams of building a successful corporate empire.