Webcast Announcement – Creating a Deal Flow
Dan Pena Webcast - Creating a Deal FlowDear Friend and Visionary,
I hope you enjoyed my last news letter # 76. Now, we are going to test a new concept for me. We are going to do a free webinar audio broadcast on April 1 8pm pst. It will be about 40 minutes. The subject is very important in the current market environment titled: Deal Flow and How to get it.
It is going to be vintage Dan Pena at his best. It was given originally to a group of QLA devotees in the late 90’s. I listened to it over the weekend and I was surprised how outrageous I sounded – of course I have mellowed a lot since then – lol! I am sure I must have offended a few of the audience, but what I said then about deal flow is just as germane now as it was then.
My aim is to have a live web seminar in the near future. I want to test to make sure it works. If there is enough interest I will do live webinars at least quarterly. Since I only give Castle Seminars once a year, these will be good shots in the arm for the most interested of the QLA devotees.
My next castle event is just around the corner – 18 -24 April. I am sure you will enjoy the taped vintage Dan Pena as much as I have.
To Your Quantum Leap,

Webcast FEE: $0.00

No need to register. All I ask is you sign up for the QLA newsletter on the right side of the page.

For more details please visit www.danpena.com/webcast