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Dear Fellow High Performance Visionary,

Welcome to my Web Site, designed especially for you, the entrepreneur. All through my life people have said to me, "Dan – you can't do that" (whatever that was), I went ahead and did it anyway.

As I looked back on my own life I realised once, or twice in a lifetime you have a chance to change your life. In 1976 my life was changed. That event caused me to redefine success and ultimately live by the "Quantum Leap Advantage ® (QLA) methodology" philosophy. These precepts I used to build a $450,000,000 empire!

Dan Pena - rags to riches

When I retired I pondered what I would do. I looked at the business success, personal development and business coaching industry. After more than a year of detailed research it became blatantly obvious except for a handful, virtually all speakers hadn't earned their reputations and fortunes in the real world I did! They made their money by putting butts on seminar seats and writing books! In May 1993 I launched in to the industry with a vengeance to change the way success methodology was taught!

It has been said there is no substitute for experience. In my over 30 years in business, I've made over 75,000 business decisions. It sounds incredible, but it is true. Super successful, high-performance people thrive on making rapid decisions.

The "Quantum Leap Advantage ® (QLA) methodology" experience has no equal! I invite you to peruse my Web Site and discover for yourself. You will be able to sign up to receive my FREE Newsletter and also download various pieces of information going forward. You can even complete a few simple "tests" to see if you are afraid of success – each month the best score wins a copy of my "Build Your Own Guthrie" my first book.

Add this site to your "favourites" and see the many cogent updates.



– Dan

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