“Pay Day”

Pay Day“I’m short”. Not that I’m talking about my height but that’s what I always catch myself saying. I have been working hard all my life but seem to not have enough money to support myself, much more my family. I don’t know what to do and always wonder why I always look for someone who is so kind enough and rich enough to lend me some money. I have considered the end of every month not as MY pay day but the “pay day” that I consider is when I come paying off all my debts. Why is this happening to me? But one thing that I’m sure of is that I’m not the only person who is suffering from this. I don’t want to be like this forever and I know nobody would.

I asked the help of some financial advisors but later on, I found out that they were just hoaxes just to get more money from me. I was practically hopeless when one of my friends told me to check Dan Pena’s Web site at http://www.danpena.com and when I did it, I found some products that would help me. I checked his 3-day success seminar audio file and started both to feel inspired knowing that there is something I could do about being penniless. It was like attending a very personal seminar and I realized that I had been doing the wrong things in spite of having consulted different financial advisors. I was also informed that I had to surround myself with people who would inspire me and not with people who would bring me down. He also shared in his speeches how people who are doing well in their fields perform and take each downfall as a lesson as they make both similar and different mistakes in their lives but commonly share the same lesson. He also shared the common secret that he and other millionaires share—something that you only get to know once you purchase the product. Dan gave me all the encouragement and the information I need without promising me that things will always be OK – because it won’t. I have to learn my own lessons and know how to handle my own finances since success also needs hard work. Dan’s way of thinking allowed me to know what field I would go to and start my own success. Now, I am debt-free and am enjoying every minute of it!