Highly-Rated Show London Real Host Turns from Cynic to QLA Believer

As many of you know, I invited London Real Host Brian Rose to my October 2014 castle seminar. He didn’t exactly come kicking and screaming but the guy had reservations and nearly did not come lol! But for you non-believers out there, read on and see how the power of QLA can turn opinions around […]

Newsletter#115: Castle Seminar Winners of 2014 and the New Year!

Dan reveals the names of the Win-A-Free-Castle-Seminar Contest, plans for the New Year, and much more!

Newsletter#114: QLA War Plans and Taking On 2015!

2014 is almost ending and 2015 is quickly approaching. What have you accomplished? If today was a test – would you pass? If the whole year was a test – again – did you pass?

And what is this “emotional ending” and a “blazing new beginning” in the title? Read more of Dan’s Newsletter#114 for more QLA insights. Plus, updates on the recent QLA Castle Seminar for October 2014, the upcoming grand 70th Birthday Celebration at the castle, Dan in show business and more!

Newsletter#113: My 2 Metaphysical Discoveries Within 24 Hours

Dan made a couple of astonishing discoveries during Bulletproof’s Bio Hacking Conference this year. And believe me, it’s way beyond this world!

Newsletter#112: Back-to-Back with London Real & Bulletproof Executive Radio

Pandora’s box opened for Mr. Dan Peña after his very successful interview with Brian Rose of the highly rated UK series, London Real. Now, Mr. Peña is out and taking action in show biz with Bulletproof Executive Podcast, William Morris Entertainment (WME) Endeavor, a reality show and much much more!

Newsletter#111: Beyond 30 Years of Success

30th ANNIVERSARY ANNOUNCEMENTS Many thanks for all the many anniversary comments and birthday wishes! Though I was successful before 1984, my career is normally benchmarked by the goals I accomplished during the last 30 years! This has always been somehow strange for me to understand, notwithstanding my high performance activities before this and now through […]

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