QLA For Dummies

(QLA FOR DUMMIES) Where Do I Start?

All you will ever need is free on my site, www.danpena.co.uk, but here is a simple outline you can carry on your mobile phones:

1. You can start by reading the following books to create a good foundation in your QLA process…
a. Dr. Spocks Baby and Childcare, if you have small kids
b. Listen to - Your First Hundred Million (Audio) found on my site
c. My Trillion Dollar Man QLA eBook, found on my site
d. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
e. Release Your Brakes – James Newman

2. Get out of your comfort zone and away from conventional wisdom…
a. You still love your parents, but move away from your parents as they fucked you up
b. Choose your friends wisely, as they are one of the reasons you are where you are
c. Surround yourself with high performance people

3. Develop and maintain your Self Esteem…
a. Your doubts are not product of accurate thinking but habitual thinking
b. Focus on emotional bank account and how you build them
c. Instead of overthinking, learn to pull the fucking trigger
d. Trust your guts

4. Setup bodacious goals and dream big…
a. Set goals that you think you will never achieve in your life
b. Always dream big, as this will drive you to push yourself further
c. Know that there are no limits to what you can do or achieve
d. Change a billion lives

5. Laser beam focus on the task at hand, avoid going back to default/comfort zone
a. Create affirmations that function as a reminder and ultimately a fact pattern
b. Recite your affirmation at least twice daily to remind yourself not to go back to default and continue to stretch you
c. Focus on the few not the many, don't waste time on things you can't change

6. Embody the QLA methodology (7 Steps to Super Success)
a. Creating your personal foundation for success
b. Clarify your vision – are you crystal clear?
c. Building the perception – perception is reality
d. Creating your dream team in business and life
e. Your quantum leap action plan
f. Pay yourself
g. Creating your exit strategy

Watch, Listen and Read all the content found on QLA LIBRARY

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By this time you have the proper mindset, money, goal, and ambition. Your next question would be, Where do I find the low hanging fruit? LEARN MORE

10. Take the different TESTS found on my site

"QLA is not a journey. It's a process."
- Dan Peña