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Seminar Agreements contain specific conditions and terms governing seminar attendance. Those binding conditions include:

Transportation to and from Scotland, UK is not included, and all bank charges or other fees are at the attendees own expense.

Payment defaults not cured within ten days render all amounts owed due and payable immediately. Amounts unpaid may be collected by suit in the Attendee’s state of residence in the United States of America, or in the United Kingdom, where the court rendering judgment shall enter a maximum attorney’s fee to the prevailing party of 5,000 GBP.

Ownership of all rights, including copyright to all materials and remarks arising out of or made at any QLA seminar, is held exclusively by Guthrie Castle Ltd. (GCL).

QLA Seminars feature robust discussions. All Attendees irrevocably consent to all remarks concerning Attendee and others, whether asserted as opinion, fact, parody, or otherwise. Attendees will acknowledge that he/she is not under professional restrictions to avoid stress or confrontation, and will abide by all recommendations of his/her medical professionals.

No seminar materials or remarks, including recorded portions, may be used, quoted or reproduced without advance written authorization.

No part of any QLA Seminar, including marketing, presentations, materials or remarks, are legal, accounting, investment or tax advice, or warranties of result or representations of outcome inside the United Kingdom or in any other country. All such advice and representations are disclaimed. All Attendees must assess the individual suitability of all Seminar materials and remarks with his/her/its own independent legal, financial and tax advisors prior to investing or otherwise acting thereon, as Attendee deems appropriate. Attendee covenants not to sue GCL or any GCL representative, agent thereof, or other Attendee, based on the content of Seminar marketing, presentations, materials or remarks.

All claims and disputes arising out of or related to this any agreement with CGL, seminar attendance or otherwise, shall be resolved in Scotland unless otherwise specified in writing, with each party to bear his/her or its own costs and fees of counsel.

Seminar attendance selections are not transferable. Because Attendees are selected by Mr Pena, no purchased seminar position may be transferred, assigned, pledged, or hypothecated in any way, including by operation of law. No other person may use a purchased position instead of a selected and approved Attendee. Any attempt to violate these restrictions shall be null and void. Persons other than the approved purchaser shall be denied admittance. To be honoured, a seminar cancellation request must meet these requirements:

(a) Cancellation requests must be emailed and timely received by GCL, and
(b) GCL must be able to resell the purchased position to an approved person on GCL’s waiting list for that seminar, and
(c) Cancellation requests received:
    I. On or before the 50th calendar day before the scheduled seminar start date (“start date”) and successfully resold, there will be a 70% refund;
    II. After the 50th day but on or before the 40th calendar day before the start date and successfully resold, there will be a 50% refund;
    III. After the 40th day but on or before the 30th calendar day before the start date and successfully resold, there will be a 25% refund;
    IV. There will be no refund after 5 pm GMT +1 on the 30th calendar day before the start date.
(d) GCL is not responsible for cancellation requests not made in compliance with this provision.

These provisions may not be modified or except by specific writing signed by a senior Manager of Guthrie Castle Ltd. No failure by GCL to insist on strict performance of these terms on any particular instance shall be deemed a waiver of any part of this Agreement, or an estoppel.

A faxed/emailed version of a seminar-related agreement shall be acceptable for all purposes in lieu of an original, unless GCL insists on an original.

All Attendees arriving at Guthrie Castle shall be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, a consent to GCL’s ownership and use of seminar related audio and video recordings, and a liability release governing participation in any physical events.

Your seminar agreement may contain additional terms and conditions, and will specify payment amounts. Read your Agreement carefully.