4 Important life lessons that Brian Rose learned from the 50 billion dollar man

This weekend, I had dinner with my beloved mentor Dan Peña. Always a treat! Despite all we’ve achieved in the last year, Dan spent the whole night berating me for not doing more! I felt defensive at first, but then I realized, he is right. You can always do more. There are certain things you […]

Brian Rose, London Real TV Explains the Key Lessons He Learned From the 50 Billion Dollar Man

Dan Pena’s method of coaching is pure shock and awe. People either love him or hate him, and that’s exactly the way Dan likes it. His mission is to rattle people out of their comfort zones, make them do what they need to do in order to become the best they can be. And you […]

Conventional Wisdom is almost Always Wrong

All our lives we are told by the pundits our goals are not realistic. Our dreams are too far-fetched. Our expectations are too high. We are told you have to remember who you are and where you came from. We are preached to that those "things" are for the "other" people; you certainly can't expect […]

28 Rules of Business Litigation

From Bill Gates at the end of the last century to John D. Rockefeller at the end of the previous century; from Rick Scott, founder of Columbia Health Care; to AT&T; from Richard Branson and British Airlines to Dan Peña and The Financial Times; from government, banking, insurance and every other facet of world commerce […]

28 Tips that make Great Companies and CEO’s

Here’s a list of 28 Tips that make Great CEO’s and Companies. These are some of the things I’ve learned after meeting many successful executives. They all have major characteristics which are  common. This is the same with strong businesses. No matter what industry, all super successful companies are highly adaptable, focused and passionate about […]

95 things they said I could NOT do

Purveyors of conventional wisdom have told me for years I couldn’t do this or that. I’ve kept the list of the things they said I couldn’t do but did. These are listed also in my book "Your First 100 Million". The message, of course is, "You CAN do that". You will definitely encounter lots of resistance […]