1. To Who do you attribute your success? - I attribute my success to myself. I was laser beam focused and committed to achieving my goal as fast as humanly possible.
2. If you become prime minister of the UK what will be your first agenda? – If I was to become Prime Minister the first thing am going to do is go to war with France! LOL, Joke asides my first plan of action is to appoint high-performance people to key positions to make a change.
3. What type of CEO are you? - I Am a tough-minded and ball-busting type of CEO. I also believe that “what gets measured gets accomplished”.
4. Is your management style micro or macro? - Macro as I want each individual to be accountable for their actions.
5. Where did QLA come from? – I had an epiphany when I was watching a show in the 90s about Quantum Leaping to the future. The methodology is also based on Andrew Carnegie’s model which I used to sky rocket myself to super success.
6. What makes QLA different from other business/success training or seminars? – This methodology is the only game in town that can help you create generational wealth starting with no money.
7. In the past 29 years of doing QLA which year was the best year for you? - 1984 When I personally took an option public, creating generational wealth of $200M in a day!
8. if the NBA had a dream team, who do you consider your dream team? - My dream team would be Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Jack Welsch, and Andrew Carnegie.
9. 29 Years of doing QLA which class produced the most success? - the month of August 2015. We had a bunch of SUPER STARS coming from that class.
10. What qualifies does a person need to be an exclusive part of your famous Hall of Fame? - Create 100M dollars and touch a million lives/influence a million lives
11. in the 29 years of coaching/mentoring what was the most outrageous thing you have ever encountered? - When an amoeba brain mentee was able to close a deal worth 500M Dollars!
12. If there was "one thing" you would advise a person for he/she to become successful what would that be? - Just Fucking Do It!
13. If you will have to choose a CEO for your public company, between Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, Who will you choose and why? – I would prefer Jeff Bezos as his management style is closer to mine
14. Who is your biggest QLA success story to date? - Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld (Former Chairman of Alcoa, president and CEO of Siemens AG and currently heading the biggest deal to date NEOM)
15. Why do you do your QLA seminars in your castle in Scotland? - QLA Seminar are exclusively done here at my Estate Guthrie Castle so the mentees would be immersed in how the life of a super successful person can be
16. Do you plan to write another book besides "Your First Hundred Million"? – To date, I have no plans of writing a new book – though my book was updated online in 2019!
17. If you can turn back time what industry would you go to besides oil and gas? – As I always say to people when they ask me what industry to go to: “Healthcare and Telecommunication/Internet”.
18. What is your benchmark for super success? – High self-esteem and Millions or Billions of dollars in your bank account and touching a billion people
19. What qualifies a person to be placed in your infamous "hall of shame"? – If you used QLA for illegal means and got put in the big house (Jail).
20. Besides golf what other sports have you played and become good at? – If you consider weight lifting and running a marathon as a sport then those two.
21. Do you have bitcoin investments? – My wife Sally did invest in bitcoin for our grandchildren but I do not believe in bitcoin! QLA all the way!
22. What was it like to deal with big shots like the Vatican, the Marcoses, etc? – You need to have high self-esteem, significant achievement, and balls!
23. Name 2 of the biggest deals that you regretted passing throughout your career? – When Vince Mcmahon offered me to invest in WWE and Global Warming Scam by Al Gore.
24. Give us three words that best describe Dan Pena? – Laser Beam Focus!
25. Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini are some of the infamous people in your "Hall of Influencers". What influence do they have on you? – I consider them SOME OF the best public speakers that ever lived. They were able to convince the masses to join them when they started WW2.
26. If your gonna rate yourself between 1-10 with 10 being the highest how are you going to rate your life now? – Around 8-9. I still have things to cross out on my bucket list!
27. What do you consider the biggest investment a person would need to invest in? – Invest in yourself! Create the right foundation by immersing yourself in high-performance people!
28. Why do people call you the "The Trillion Dollar Man"? – Accumulated trillions of dollars of equity and value with my mentees and devotees across 6 continents. Hence I was called The Trillion Dollar Man.
29. Why do you consider yourself the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)? – Because no one out there can be as good and as effective as I am in making meatheads accountable and pushing them to achieve their goals and dreams! I am also the only one who has a proven track record of creating over a trillion dollars of equity and value through my mentees and devotees since 1993!