Achieve Business Success with Dan Pena’s 7-Day Seminar

Professionals in every conceivable field need the right amount of training to perform better in their chosen endeavor. They also need a qualified leader or “coach” to fully absorb the discipline that is required to become the best in the industry. This is the reason why people are encouraged never to stop studying and improving themselves when it comes to their professional careers. The Dan Pena 7-day Castle Extravaganza is an intensive training course designed for those who want to be the best when it comes to growing a business.

This momentous event will be held in Guthrie Castle located in Angus, Scotland and will serve as the perfect location for various entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the market. The historic landscape is actually owned by Mr. Dan Pena Sr. himself and even became his place of residence during the initial years of acquisition.

The castle is the result of years of hard work by Dan Pena and is only one of the many indicators of his success in the business world. He is the founder, former President and CEO of Great Western Resources, Inc., a natural resources company located in Houston, Texas. He turned this company into a $445 million company in less than 8 years and is only one of the reasons why his knowledge and services are sought by VIPs in the industry.

The seminar will focus on the fundamentals of running a business and teach you the unconventional ways on how to acquire or purchase property depending on the market forces that are prevalent during the time. You will be trained to redefine your goals and vision and to improve on building self-esteem and self-worth. Dan Pena is a firm believer in the powers of a positive mind as this trait is most common amongst the richest people in the universe.

You will also be introduced to the Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology and the 7 Steps to Super Success. These are the same methods that Dan Pena practices during the course of his daily life and are the reason why the man has garnered much success over the years. There is no price to pay for getting the best quality education from the man who has garnered success through hard work, patience, perseverance, and the right methodologies. It is safe to say that everyone can achieve business success with the help of Dan Pena’s 7-Day Seminar.