Acquisitions and Discussing Changes

New York Times has recently published the billion-dollar deal made by two of the biggest companies in their respective field of the present generation. It is reported that two giant companies, Johnson & Johnson’s have closed a deal with Synthes, a Swiss-American company that makes different medical device. Johnson & Johnson’s that has been providing quality product in personal hygiene has merged with Synthes to come up with different tools that would make it much easier for medical practitioners particularly in the orthopedic field and make it more possible to help trauma patients get better.

Mr. William C. Weldon, chief executive of Johnson & Johnson’s have recently stated that the company has considered providing medical help to orthopedics to be able to help to trauma patients since there have been a lot of cases left uncured because of the lack of medical tools and this is one of the different fields where it is easier to absorb. He also stated that trauma products are more advantageous and less risky to manufacture and to handle compared to other medical devices. He assured that the fusion of two of the companies would create the most innovative and comprehensive orthopedic business in the world that would make changes in the medical world that would affect human life as a whole.

Although Johnson & Johnson’s is considered a reputable company, it can be amusing to know that it needs another company such as Synthes to be able to get in a new field. The merging of these two different companies should be considered as inspiration to different companies especially to the small ones that are just trying start and build their name in the business world. Though it is a great idea to do, the greatest task would be to convince the other party to support your cause or way of thinking. Thinking that it may not be hard for a big company like Johnson & Johnson’s to convince other companies to merge into them; it is a big dilemma for small businesses to do this since they have yet a lot of things to prove.

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