Alan Charles

Dear Dan,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for all your help an teachings over the last three years. After the last round of successful acquisitions earlier this year 99% seller financed which ran into the tens of millions, I am to embark on the next level of my quantum leap. I’ve knocked on a lot of doors and made quite a few calls since I left the castle. Today one door opened with golden hinges.

This morning I spoke to and received confirmation email from a fund that is willing to assist and lend to my group on valuation. That’s right on valuation Dan. So I’m buying 4 to 5 times EBITDA and they are lending me 4 to 5 times EBITDA or effectively 100% or more of the acquisition price. The world is literally my oyster and all my Christmas’s have arrived today on Christmas of 2018!

As I heard in your recent seminar. we kids are all pig fuckers but the problem is we don’t even know which end to fuck! I think I may have just discovered the right hole to point at! I can’t wait to get riding! I like many have loved and loathed you over the last three years but today I remember, salute and toast to your good health. Have a great Christmas Dan.