Budget Cuts during Economic Recession

Budget Cuts during Economic RecessionThe New York Times has recently reported the loss of almost $38 billion in Obama administration. The government is of course trying its best to gain the trust of the people due to the ailing economy that they have been trying to live up to for the past few years.

Despite plans for budget cuts in the expenditures of the federal, the states and the government, experts still foresee great economic problems in the coming months. Due to this, these experts are a little doubtful as to how the government will act on this and how many more financial and budget cuts can the government afford.

Though most experts are cynical about the growth of the economy, some financial analysts believe that with the signs showing the growth of the economy, things will come for the better. They have based their positivity on the economy’s vital standing which are going up the chart, the expansion of factory production and the fact that more people are buying more cars these days compared to the previous years when they would not care about having the old model. They have also insisted that because of these changes, there is more possibility for the government to spend less which means that it would also need to borrow less from international investors and other companies from the United States can borrow more from the government since they can now start collecting higher taxes. The International Monetary Fund on the other hand is getting worried because these countries and companies are depending too much on money borrowed than doing something to develop and make their respective communities better. They believe that it is better to stand on your own two feet rather than entrust your success to others.

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