Business Leap

Business LeapComing from a Chinese family, my grandparents and parents raised and educated us well in the line of business and marketing. We were introduced early to the business world and its ins and outs. I was honestly not that interested in venturing to business since it was not really my passion in life. I was forced, and not encouraged, by my parents to follow in their footsteps. My grandfather and father gave me different business advice that they believe would also help me be successful as them. I admit that I was partially inspired by their words though I greatly admire them for their success. It’s not that I don’t have the brawns for it. I just have to find another source of inspiration.

My friend Lao, who was having the same dilemma as I do, told me that one of his friends said that a certain guy with the name of Dan Pena offers great inspiration and helpful recommendation through the help of his products both Audio and e-books. I then checked out his Web site at and availed his Quantum Leap Bootcamp. At the introductory price of $19.95, I was able to have the balance and the sense that all businesspeople may have the different ventures but the same approach and the same principles always make the business work! Not that I don’t agree with what my grandfather and father said, but I learned that the best approach in business is not to stick to one rule; one should not be afraid to take the risk. My family has been in the restaurant business for a long time and I don’t think that there’s anything wrong in that, but I have decided to take a different road and start a computer business. Being traditional, they believe that this kind of business is going nowhere. But as what I have learned in Mr. Pena’s audio course, Common Sense is nothing because it is the experience that makes a man the person that he wants to be. I have long been calculating my business decisions and I believe that not only with my own family’s business advice will I prosper, but also with the help of others who have been guiding different people into finding their own dreams because they have reached theirs!. I encourage everyone to get a copy and as for me, I am now not afraid to take the leap!