An effective Investment Strategy and sound Investment advice is a priority For an effective Investment Strategy sound Investment advise plays an important role. There have been various incidents, which shook the financial world which include the Tulip Bulbs in the 1630's in Holland, the famous stock market crash in 1929 and April14, 2000 crash at […]


From Dan Peña – "The Money Messiah" and Mentor/Coach for The New Millennium Dear Friend and Subscriber: NEARING 55 As I said in May 1993 when I was beginning my coaching career, I would cut back my seminars, etc. in 2000 to coincide with my 55th birthday, which I have done! Now as I sit […]


If you never read Quantum Leap Advantage Newsletter or never attend one of QLA seminars then only follow this simple precept for super success. Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong.

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