Convincing Powers

Convincing PowersI didn’t want to be a businessman at first and my father literally forced me to be one. He is a frustrated businessman who spent half of what he got from my grandfather in a business he thought would make him richer but ended up getting him to bankruptcy. He kept on telling me that being an ordinary employee would not get me anywhere and will eventually end until my retirement age. He also said that being a businessman will be fulfilling since you will be able to see the fruits of your labor and eventually, you will have something to pass on to my children and they wouldn’t have to be anybody’s slave but be the bosses and be the ones telling people what to do. I think that my father has a point there but it’s just that I felt so discouraged with a lot of friends and other people I know who have ventured in the business world but unfortunately was left with nothing after giving everything from money, time and efforts. I wanted to be successful but I don’t want to be a failure in the end.

My views on business changed when I was able to get hold of Dan Pena’s audio and video live records of his seminars. I was convinced right away that there are other ways to deal with hardships in the business and that there are other ways to deal with customers.  I also learned from him that there is no other way to get where you want to go if you do not give your best and just wait for things to happen. He emphasized that since success is not for everyone, you have to work hard for it and have the self-esteem to not be afraid of what would happen. He also shared that most millionaires, if not all, have the same common characteristic and to become one like them, you must have the same experience and learn the same crucial lesson. Dan gave importance to having the revolutionary idea about setting your own goals and completely dominates your industry of choice by having the winning leverage. His seminar tracks also provided me with all the Frequently Asked Questions session and made me feel that I was right there attending his seminars. His convincing power really made a big difference in my life and I am thankful that I changed my mind!



Barcelona, Spain