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They say the teacher arrives when the student is ready. Dan Pena is the teacher I spent 5 years working and studying to get ready for. It wasn’t until I had spilt blood, been sued and had all sorts of bad things happen in the trenches of real business had I proven to myself I was ready for Dan Pena. Dan showed me the truth of business. He wasn’t even remotely interested in wasting time, his or mine, with sugar coated garbage that 99% of all the gurus and seminars puke out on their naïve and happily paying students. It took me 5 years to get past being the naïve eager payer. The truth is what Dan knows because the truth is what Dan lives. It’s consistent and congruent for him to teach his students the things he’s done and what he does every day of his life. Amazingly enough most people can’t handle the truth and are more comfortable hearing lies by a teacher who hasn’t done what he’s teaching because it feels good to hear that they’re winners.Now, instead of being fractured and fragmented with my time and coming up with mediocre results, I spend time studying Dan’s QLA methodology sinking it deeper into my cortex. I’m focused and making so dang much more money than I have ever made before. This year I have already made 3 times more than I made in the last 5 years combined. I expect that number to be 50 by the end of the year. This was because of QLA and because I focused on listening to someone who’d been there and done it, versus listening to all the hyperbole from the other gurus. TYQL,