I am exceptionally pleased and proud to announce my “special guest” has worked out the details of his very hectic schedule of being a Chairman/CEO of a world renowned company and WILL BE JOINING US AT GUTHRIE CASTLE at the seminar! To accommodate his schedule I am moving the event two full days. It will now commence 9 April and ends 16 April.

Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld, Former CEO of NEOM, Former President/CEO of Siemens; Former Chairman/CEO of Alcoa; Former Chairman/CEO of Arconic, has been a mentee and good friend for 15 yrs. His ascent through the corporate world is legendaryand is a true Superstar Phenomenon! He has a PHD in Business Management. He is a native of Bremen, Germany and speaks fluent German and English. I met Klaus, as a mid-manager at Siemens in 1997/8 in their health care division. From there he climbed to be COO of Siemens USA in 2001 and CEO of Siemens USA in 2002. He was appointed CEO of Siemens worldwide in early 2005 and when he left Siemens revenues were about 100 million Euros and  had 400,000 employees! He left Siemens in 2007 to join Alcoa, the largest aluminium producer in the world based in the USA.

He is a managerial genius and has turned around and motivated major organisations! And is my and QLA’s most successful corporate manager and leader, since I started QLA in 1993! Klaus and I have had countless meetings and brain storming sessions over many years in Europe, UK and the USA!  He has been to Guthrie Castle and my home in California. He knows my children and my wife Sally! I know his children and lovely wife Birgit! He is a close friend and I have been his confident for many years! We have fought many corporate battles on many fronts –many we were destined not to win –  and virtually always arriving at the goal we set against ALL odds! He is a master strategist and planner with the added gifts of being an extraordinary motivational force!

As you can tell from what I write – I could not be more pleased that he is taking time to visit us at Guthrie. It is very fitting that perhaps my last Castle Seminar, he would be in attendance! I am positive he will have Words of Wisdom that will enhance all attendees future QLA achievements!

I look forward to welcoming Klaus once more to my home and the QLA CASTLE SEMINAR!

To your Quantum Leaps in progress!



P.S. You may still be wondering if the Castle experience is something you should seriously consider and if it could be massively worthwhile vies a vies your valuable time and investment cost? If so, please view this short video! If you are not interested  –  please pass this email on to someone you want to succeed in 2013!

This video shows past QLA Castle Seminar successes from the mid/late 90’s, who are even more high performance now! Ted Nicholas, Shawn Casey, Ron LeGrand, Don Taylor, Deann and George  Verdier, Casey Stevenson, Fidel Vargas, Ed Taylor, Bruce Whipple; Lucinda Burke; Michael Pierce; Frank Slangen; Oliver Scmalholtz; David Garofalo; Christian Bailey; Bodo Schafer; David Abingdon; Kenny Scott; Shami Dillon; Des Vadgama; Errol Maynard; Scot Fairgrieve;  and more – all attended the Castle experience back then! Many of the individuals featured in the video attended the Castle Seminar multiple times and are featured in my book – Your First Hundred Million! Though many were successful before I met them, they grew geometrically since their attendance and participation at the QLA Castle experience(s). There are many differences from the QLA experience from the 90’s and now, because “QLA Best Practices” have been developed over the years, but the most germane that add quantifiable value are: 1) it is now 7 days as opposed to 5 days; 2)  10+ hours a day as opposed to 7/8 hour days; 3) more individual Castle time with Dan now than then; 4) hands on weekly reporting to Dan for a year; and 5) monthly video conference calls with Dan and other Castle attendees for a year!

In almost 20 years QLA has many thousands of successes worldwide!

Do you want to be one of the successful QLA Castle Alumni?

View and enjoy! We all look a lot younger! LOL!

Contact Thelma at to take the last remaining opportunities for the April Castle extravaganza!


To your Quantum Leap,



Just received from super successful friend and mentee Fidel Vargas – at the time he attended the QLA Castle Seminar (in video clip) he was the youngest Mayor in the USA and a Harvard graduate – who since went on to found and build from scratch, a private equity firm that managed $1 billion:

“That was a wonderful week. You have made a huge impact on my life Dan. Thank you for your mentorship and friendship.”