Dan Pena releases 75th Newsletter

Pena talks about the financial crisis, his activities in the past year and future plans.

Dan Pena, entrepreneur, mentor, author, and speaker extraordinaire, has released his 75th Newsletter.  Since 1993, this business newsletter has been an invaluable source of knowledge for entrepreneurs looking for that edge to get ahead.

Periodically Dan issues QLA Newsletters on germane issues he deals with in his various business activities. What’s set this subscription apart from others is that he uses revolutionary ideas about goal setting that goes againt all the experts advice.

In this 75th issue, he highlights the current economic crisis, bringing QLA to China, and using internet social media as another communication medium.  He also recollects what has been doing the past year and talks about the world and future business opportunities.

Dan Pena is the founder of the Quantum Leap Advantage methodology which trains high performance individuals to achieve super success with revolutionary business strategies.  He is known also as the “400 million dollar man” who built his empire in less than 8 years from zero, in a collapsing market.  

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