Dan Pena Taking QLA to China

Pena is chairman and founder of the Guthrie Group and other companies in Asia, the UK and USA.

He travels extensively and has just returned from a trip to Japan and China. He is currently considering taking on a China based industrial company as chairman with a family that has been active in business and politics there for more than 2000 yrs. In addition Pena has been offered chairmanship of a $500 million roll up fund exclusively to be invested in China. Pena will also be in China the last two weeks of sept viewing up to 50 co’s that need investment capital with the goal to go public.

Pena is currently involved in a real estate roll up of potentially 2500 single family houses that have gone to the wall in bankruptcy and are being liquidated by US government agencies.

Pena continues to mentor and coach in Asia, USA and Europe and will have his famous QLA Seminar at his 15th century story book home, Guthrie Castle in Scotland, in early 2010, http://danpena.com/. And if you can’t make his castle extravaganza, the 2nd edition of his well respected book, “Your First 100 Million", has just been released. This book is a step by step guide how to start with no money, as he did, 30 years ago and building a $450 million empire in 8 years!