Dan The Financial Magician

Dan The Financial Magician

Like magic, Dan Peña has created wealth for himself and others in a pace that is deemed impossible. But this is not hocus pocus, Dan has a proven methodology that will surely help you acheive your financial and business goals.

To illustrate some of Dan’s feats, he has… Financial Magician Financial Magician Financial Magician Financial Magician

Join the 7-day Castle Seminar where you can be with high performance individuals that can help you attract and acheive success.


An Award-Winning Painting

A Painting of Dan as he pictured himself before the multi-millions.

Dan will teach you how to “ will yourself “ through visualization to success.


High Performance Businessman Robert Maier of Germany attended the Castle Seminar three time in 12 months.
Watch this video to listen to his testimonial.
Klaus Kleinfield
Klaus Kleinfeld, Former CEO of NEOM, Former President/CEO of Siemens; Former Chairman/CEO of Alcoa; Former Chairman/CEO of Arconic, was mentored by Dan Peña to achieve his goals in 7 short years, from being a middle manager at Siemens, to CEO.Dan gives you real examples from his life and those that he has coached and mentored. Dan has operated in the same real world you do every day and succeeded against all odds. But more importantly, countless devotees have used QLA successfully and achieved their dreams and goals!“ – Klaus Kleinfeld

7 Day Castle Seminar QLA

QLA 7 Day Castle Seminar

Dan teaches you how to make a Quantum Leap in your business to acheive your dreams.

QLA 7 Day Castle Seminar


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Dan Peña for the past 20 years, has coached and mentored countless individuals into creating wealth that usually takes generations to build.At his seminar in his castle, he shares a proven methodology thatcreates wealth and success in the shortest amount of time.

Dan Peña is referred not just by credible businessmen and entrepreneurs, but also by mediums and spiritualists who believe and have lived his teachings.If you are looking for a business coach and mentor who can help you achieve your goals, then…

7 Day Castle Seminar