Errol R.D. Maynard Netherlands

The decision to go to the Castle took me about ¼ of a second; financially it took me more than a year to actually get there. But what I learnt there was Priceless. I learnt to mentally overcome difficulties that automatically come with hunting in the Business-Arena. I learnt to take a strong position, even in potentially weak situations, to be Superior in negotiations. I learnt to be alert on potential dangers, to think in strategies & to be one step ahead. More than that I learnt the real meaning of Survival of the Fittest, gained insights in how it works, with a clear vision on the differences between fact and wishful thinking. Dan showed me the road to Success, opened the doors to the Battlefield. The Arena is harsh, ruthless sometimes; I’ve touched rock-bottom. But that’s good: it made me Stronger & gave me Courage. Dan stayed by my side, all the time. Today my Net-worth is increasing rapidly – Moving Ahead -. Dan, thanks for all that & more! The last acquisition we did was… €2! (Dan, how are you going to explain that one on your acquisition & deals-list!) And now we’re preparing for the notary (who designs off on deals in the Netherlands) on our next acquisition for which we raised € 1,8 millions in finance… & still having fun! More action to follow towards our Quantum Leap,