Issue #84 : May 2012 Castle Seminar: Guest “Internet Guru” to Speak at Extended Castle Event! Seminar is 20% longer at no extra cost.


Dear High Performance Visionary:


The world seems to be coming apart, if you believe the newspapers and cable TV! What can you do today? There are serious strategies you could consider to enhance your chances of financial survival! Not everybody suffers the same during financial crisis! How would you like to be one of the ones who goes against the trend?

The QLA Castle Seminar will be held between 20 and 27 May, 2012 at Guthrie Castle, Scotland. Yes it is a full day longer!  It will be 6 full days of instruction, instead of 5. And the already extraordinary Castle Seminar will also be extended daily, as needed, but at least an hour daily! Read on and find out why!

For the last several years, I have been asked countless times how QLA can help me make more money on the Web. How can the Internet enhance MY dream?

Since 1994 the Castle Experience has changed the lives of many men and women by helping them fulfill their dreams.

I have had many successes in various industries that used the Internet as their primary source of marketing. But not since Facebook came to the tremendous and overwhelming forefront have I received so many requests on how can the Internet help me accomplish my dreams.


QLA has many Internet devotees all over the world: Romania; Netherlands; Iceland; Germany; Argentina; Columbia; China; Japan; Canada; UK; Australia; Singapore; India, Austria, South Africa, France, and the U.S.A. But of all these, there is one who stands above all! He has been at the forefront of Internet marketing for the last 10 years. He is currently on the cutting edge of the boom in marketing in Social Media, SEM, SEO, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Web 2.0, and eCRM.

He has kept a very low profile for many years! He even tried to retire twice!

He has told me for years – why not tell your devotees how to use QLA on the net? Till now I have said NO! Not because I was keeping it a secret!

But now this coming May 2012 at Guthrie Castle – FOR THE 1ST TIME, I will have a major block of time devoted to MAKING MONEY ON THE NET WITH QLA! Taught by one of the very best on the net! In fact we are extending the week long Castle Event 25%, at no additional cost, to accommodate the QLA Internet devotees and all others.

Partial list of our NET GURU’S notable accomplishments:

  • From being laid off and in-debt to one of Google’s largest individual advertisers.
  • Was generating $500,000 a month while still working his full time day job.
  • In 2008 he generated $250,000 in a single day.
  • Owned and managed the largest affiliate program in his niche.
  • He became one of the largest clients with the largest online payment processing company.
  • Recently generated over $70,000 in one month with Facebook ‘tinkering around’.
  • In 2007, generated $25,000,000 revenue on the net
  • His own past employees and mentees have become highly paid in-demand marketers, considered ‘foundational’ employees at their respective companies.
  • Continues to generate millions of dollars, month in and month out.

Here is what the Head of Media and Entertainment at Google had to say about him in a personal email:

Mr X.,

Great to meet you and discuss your business.  Rick and I were both
incredibly impressed with what you have been able to do with your
business in such a short time.  What a great story!

I'm definitely here all next week and likely will catch some of
Jupiter.  Not sure where you're staying, but feel free to come by end of
day, 5ish and I'll take you around the office and out for a drink in

Let me know if that works.


Justin D. McCarthy
Head of Entertainment & Media
Google Inc.
(P) 212.624.xxxx
(F) 212.624.xxxx
1440 Broadway
21st Floor
New York, NY  10018

He has never spoken to a group before, and he has no plans to speak to any groups in the future.  I have pulled him out of his virtual cave to speak to you, as a personal favor to me – for changing his life with QLA!

Our mystery man has become the go-to-guy for PPC… but he has stayed BELOW the radar… stayed out of Internet news… making his name where it counts… in dollars! He told me once that he made the now-famous PPC guru Perry Marshal blush during a private discussion at a System Seminar. He told Perry what his daily average spend was, and Perry jokingly said ‘he should be taking instructions from Mr. X.’

Mr. X doesn’t publish or sell marketing products. He doesn’t sell his services – most couldn’t afford him. He never needs to work another day in his life, but he continues to work on his own projects and with a few others he trusts.  The Google love didn’t last very long. He was one of the first guys to receive the infamous Google ban several years ago, when Google shut him down. They didn’t send him an e-mail; they did it on a conference call. Did that stop him?  No. He found a legal way to get back into the Google traffic register, and keep the money coming in the door.

The mystery guest speaker will not be selling ANYTHING! He has no potential joint ventures for you! He will be at the Castle Seminar the entire week, but as a speaker this time. He has attended 6 castle seminars as an attendee. NOTE: In addition to the contract terms, NO Taping of his remarks—of any kind—will be permitted!

His remarks are not for the timid…

At my request, he will be giving all attendees FREE online marketing advice about their business.  All you have to do is listen and decide later if it’s right for you!  He will look at your deal and give you his advice – without any additional cost! You have forever to consider his advice with your advisors…but only this one chance to hear it.

Since he doesn’t sell his services, I can’t even put a price on this, but looking at what the “also rans” charge it would be LARGE! He has made in a day – what some gurus that write newsletters, blogs and tweets make in a year!

This speaker’s advice and remarks are his own formulation for super charging your career!   Even I don’t know everything he’s going to say!  You have to hear it from him! Then YOU decide if what he says is right for you!

His success story is extremely compelling! He heard me speak for the 1st time in April 1995 and tried many things before he developed his skill set on the net. But he is much better at telling his story in person. I am sure he will hold court in the library at Guthrie Castle. He likes sitting in front of the large open fire place!


Of course my mystery speaker is not the only success story QLA has since 1993 when I gave my 1st 1-day QLA seminar in Los Angeles. QLA has worked geometrically in many different areas and we will discuss all the QLA basics, nuances, and have a lot of roll playing, as usual.  And remember… QLA has catapulted a mentee, Klaus Kleinfeld, to Former CEO of NEOM, Former President/CEO of Siemens; Former Chairman/CEO of Alcoa; Former Chairman/CEO of Arconic. Klaus Kleinfeld wrote the foreword of “Your First Hundred Million,” 2nd Edition. 


By Dr Klaus Kleinfeld

Current CEO of NEOM, Former President/CEO of Siemens; Former Chairman/CEO of Alcoa; Former Chairman/CEO of Arconic

Congratulations!  You have chosen an extraordinary book that describes a step-by-step framework and methodology for building a super successful business from scratch, while attaining the skill sets of a high performance person.  The precepts described in this book are straight forward, yet very powerful.  The author, Daniel S. Peña, has put into simple words how he achieved success at the highest level starting with nothing more than a dream and the passion to succeed.  I strongly recommend Your First Hundred Million for those who have a dream, little or no capital, and desire a road map to build a significant net worth and achieve the life of a high performance person.

It is written in a style that will ingratiate you to the author, because he tells it exactly like it is, with no varnish or hesitation.  At times you may even be shocked by how he describes what it takes to be a high performance person and achieve your dreams in today’s rough and tumble ever changing business environment.  He calls his precepts and methodology QLA, or Quantum Leap Advantage and it’s based on his almost 40-year personal worldwide track record of success.

Over many years Dan has become a very good friend.  I know Dan’s comments might often raise your eyebrow with his candor.  However you will truly enjoy hearing what it takes to succeed from someone who has really lived it.  And you can tell this isn’t theory, because he gives you real examples from his life and those that he has coached and mentored.  Dan has operated in the same real world you do every day and succeeded against all odds.  But more importantly, countless devotees have used QLA successfully and achieved their dreams and goals!

Read this book and I know it can be the first step towards the realization of your dreams and being a successful high performance person.

All the very best,

Klaus Kleinfeld

QLA has worked for startups like the mystery quest – to Global size companies


But for the very 1st time we will cover in depth what has driven tens of millions to make money on the net and more recently other social media resources. It is a marketing tool that MUST be used to compete in the 21st century! The question you MUST ask yourself – are you using the net properly for your business?


This will be the most exclusive Castle Seminar I have ever done! And because I want to not take away any of the QLA main stays, I am extending the Castle seminar 1 full day – AT NO EXTRA COST! And I am also extending the full day schedule 1+ hour! Hence, I will be offering exciting new modules, never seen before, for Internet marketing gurus and online entrepreneurs. I will be finalizing the QLA modules in the next few months, so stay connected with me on to keep you informed of the latest seminar events and schedules. I will also add modules on what to do in this dismal market with the threat of a double dip recession.

Our mystery speaker has asked me to limit the number of attendees to only 10 to provide him with enough time to go over everyone’s business in depth if they want to meet with him.  

If you need help with lead generation, revenue generation, or getting your business on the web he is “THE MAN” you will want to talk to.

This information will not be recorded. Registration is on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.  


To your ‘ONLINE’ Quantum Leap,

Dan Pena


P.S.  I originally wrote about this person in my Oct 2003 newsletter, where the mystery guest gives a summary of his accomplishments, I’ve reprinted it here:

“….I simply made up my mind 16 months ago to make a million dollars within the next year. I determined what it would take and set out to do. On June 16, 2002 I went live with my first online business. I built what many consider the most popular … membership website online today. I become one of Google’s and Overture’s top advertisers…regularly spending over $5,000 (US) daily in advertising. I believe I’m one of the few individuals who was generating $100,000 (US) weekly, while STILL working a full-time job! It almost cost me my marriage, as I was working 16 hours a day (and more) EVERYDAY… including weekends…no vacation, no holidays. I left my job 5 months ago and have not looked back. Leaving my job was the biggest challenge. I was scared to death! I mean REALLY scared…even though I had more money than ever, I was still terrified.

So I now work for myself, live in a million-dollar home with a million dollar view of Los Angeles and the valley. I am slowly building my dream-team (attorneys, CPAs, employees, etc.), and working hard to break free from doing mundane work (programming) myself … as I’ve seen firsthand that my employees can do it better (Dan was right about that). I’m currently looking into new projects and expanding my empire. The biggest obstacle to overcome: my belief system.

Do you think you can learn a thing or two from a guy like this?

Whether to turn away from his advice… or help it propel your career into the next level is up to YOU! Again… you have an eternity to ponder these strategies with your lawyers, accountants and CPAs. But this one chance to hear it.