23 OCTOBER 2009

Dear High Performance Person and Visionary:

It has been about a yr since my last news letter. A lot has happened with my life and the world. And almost all has been good 2 great in my life! Of course just like life there have been a couple bumps in the rd. or as my good friend and qla devotee bruce whipple says, the rd 2 success is ALWAYS under construction! but the world has been a very difficult place! Some have prospered dramatically and many have suffered severely!

In the future, I plan on sending out more regular newsletters and as u read u will understand why. And I will write in the style I use 2 write my regular emails: abbreviated words; #’s in lieu of words; lower case, succinct (I think) thoughts; pithy comments ref life, biz and the cosmos!


  1. I continued 2 solidify myself in asia where I have been since late 2005.
  2. I was given a I phone by a mentee as a xmas gift and played my 1st music on it last week. I don’t use it 4 emails.
  3. I accurately wrote of the financial collapse in the credit mkt, which led 2 a mass collapse in other mkts, tho now seems 2 b recovering.
  4. My 2nd edition of my book “you first 100 million” with new and current info on how 2 deal with the current mkt conditions was published in recent weeks. It is available on my web site and soon 2 b on amazon and other sites. It still looks like a large bible, leather bound with gold leaf pgs, 53 fotos of my life and family. it resembles a bible cus I am telling u what the Lord knows ref creating something from nothing with no cash, so u can change ur life and fulfill ur dreams.
  5. I have traveled a great deal in and around the south china sea 2 various islands, and china, Singapore, japan, and thailand looking at many new biz opps, even in these chaotic financial circumstances.
  6. I have moved into mainland china based on research initiated in late 2007; hired a Chinese speaking and writing assistant; other Chinese speaking financial and opps professionals; and will translate my new book and web site into Chinese. These were my opening remarks 4 my meetings in china:

    我 非 常 期 待 许 多 年 之 后 在 中 国 的 所 有 好 机 会。 Wo fei chang qi dai xu duo nian zhi hou zai zhong guo de suo you hao ji hui.

  7. I got a new rt hip from the same surgeon who did the queens mum’s  in England. I am walking fine and feeling great 4 months on!
  8. I stopped lifting heavy weights 2 save my other body parts. And since nov 2007 I have lost 40 pounds from 285 to 245. I wanted 2 c how big I cud get lifting heavy, as I did long ago. I gave new meaning 2 – living large! A couple of the fotos in the new book show me in my defensive end weight!
  9. I recently went on a natural fruit juice fast 4 the 1st time in my life, for 64 hrs, nursing myself back 2 semi solids and solids over 48hrs.. Contrary 2 what I was told and thought I felt relatively the same, which perhaps confirms or validates – I am “twisted steel and panther piss!” When I was young they said I cud live on jack daniels and my own ego alone! Of course I don’t drink very much anymore, but my ego hasn’t changed much and cud feed many!
  10. My youngest son, derrick, graduated from an east coast school with an mba, triple major, on a full scholar ship not coasting me a dime. He is going 2 china 4 me early next yr.
  11. I have taken on 2 new projects and exited 1.
  12. I am working on a new expanded qla financial crisis castle seminar 4 april 2010.
  13. I have exposed myself 2 new social media like tweeter, my space, blogs, etc. c new addresses at the end of this news letter.
  14. I continue 2 use my LA based world class aging doctor allen peters, nutritionist jeanne peters and chiropractor dr grace syn, 4 the 2nd yr, hence am in better shape than in 20 yrs, and have learned the bennies of taking periodic naps now.
  15. I started 2 play golf after a long layoff. bot new clubs, etc, joined an exclusive country club and almost immediately had 2 stop due 2 my bum hip. Man plans and God laughs!
  16. I continue 2 b more focused, diligent, candid, and motivated than anyone I know.
  17. I pulled my barrio 2 castle special investment fund (b2c) due 2 potential conflicts with various regulatory agencies. It was based on warren buffett’s original model he used b 4 berkshire Hathaway. I wanted 2 have a simple “joe the plumber” investment vehicle with few constraints. Post Bernie Madoff, it became impossible and I have put my efforts elsewhere.
  18. But post madoff I have decided 2 launch a china fund based on the vast opps and many of the precepts of the b2c fund above.
  19. I have been attacked on wikipedia by a group I am in dispute with and people have attempted 2 rite the partial and misleading info. Ur assistance is welcomed. It has validated what I already knew that info taken out of context can tell whatever story u want it 2 say.
  20. I allowed a mentee from eastern Europe and 1 from south america 2 move in with me 2 b closer 2 the qla source – me. They were both good kids, but they moved back ostensibly 2 b in show biz. Man plans and God laughs!
  21. I suspended my official mentor program cus I am full up with qualified mentees and their projects. The kids above had nothing 2 do with my decision. lol!
  22. I have been cleared by the Indian courts of a laughable (tho it wasn’t so laughable fighting it 4 more than 3 yrs ) bogus charge of being an international criminal chased by the sec, Interpol, fbi amongst other gov agencies. C attachment.
  23. I have reached out 2 old friends, relatives and mentees I have lost contact with extremely satisfying results.
  24. I have decided 2 sell my qla product electronically on my website, based on its relevance in this mkt and many requests. I was reminded, qla was initiated in a declining mkt when I had NO MONEY!
  25. I continue 2 visit the usa 2 c my 3 kids, 91 yr old dad, friends, family, world class health pros, current and potential new biz relationships, once a quarter searching 4 the next qla opp. C my schedule is on my social media sites.
  26. I rediscovered “atlas shrugged” by ayn rand and recommend it strongly 4 a long but beneficial read. Yes I still believe in GOD!
  27. I have reevaluated what 2 of the basics of qla really personify: collaboration (with ur dream team amongst others) and candor (with all) – which jack welsh, former ceo of ge says r the 2 most important elements in mgt and r the biggest problem facing biz in the 21st century.
  28. I began reading several books in the last yr, but I only finished 4 real good 1’s and recommend them highly : “talent is over rated” by Geoff colvin, the theme is what I have been preaching 4 yrs – all hi performance individuals out practice their competition; “stop whining and start living” by dr laura schlessinger, which shud b self explanatory, but still an interesting read if u have a family, etc, and want 2 understand the dynamics of getting along. 2 bad it wasn’t available 2 me 25 yrs ago; “either you’re in, or you’re in the way” by logan and noah miller. It is the amazing story of how–without a dime, nor a single meaningful contact in Hollywood–they managed to write, produce, act, and direct a feature film in under a year starring an acclaimed cast and crew. Sound familiar? Qla is everywhere; and “a bull in china” by jim rogers. Founder of the quantum fund and 1 of the 1st 2 go 2 china, believes and substantiates his belief the next big moves of the 21st century r in china! But don’t b surprised that he tells u all the co’s that may the next big winners, some of which he may already own!
  29. I continued my long term project of reading these very long books: “poor charlie’s almanac”, by charles t. munger, (given 2 me by mentee dan lok) which gives bits of wisdom accumulated over 60+ yrs in biz, by famed billionaire partner of warren buffett; and “the snowball, warren buffett and the business of life,” by alice Schroeder, which chronicles the good, bad and sometimes troubled life of legendary investor warren buffett.
  30. My beloved last Great Dane Misty passed away fighting having moved her from Guthrie 2 asia. In preparation 4 that I got a puppy Great Dane and Basset hound, Kera and Daisy.
  31. I reread my 3 fav books that still tell me and anyone else that is interested in a better life 4 themselves and their luvd ones, the best biz and life info of all time: “think and grow rich” by napoleon hill; “release your brakes” by my former mentor jim newman; and my own “ur 1st 100 million.”
  32. I have reached out to 3 once young mentees from 1993/4. I called them the “Mexican Morons.” They all went 2 prestigious schools. They r now 40+. all r very successful, even the 2 harvard multiple degreed ones. 1 manages a billion dollars, 1 is a well known nationally syndicated columnist and 1 is a successful corporate lawyer. (I don’t mention their names 2 protect them from u!) I called them mm’s affectionately, cus I am a latino. I am extremely proud of how they turned out and the influence I may of had on them and their careers!
  33. I received “man of the yr” and “inspirational leader” awards from the American international real estate expo and conference, AIREEC 2008 at the la convention center. The convention center is only a few miles from where my very humble home was in the 50’s.
  34. I recently stopped by 2 c a old mentee, ron legrand, doing 1 of his infamous 3 day seminars in la. Ron is arguably the best real estate expert giving seminars in the usa today. If ur starting out in real estate and don’t know where 2 start, I recommend him not withstanding he is a curmudgeon extraordinaire!
  35. I celebrated my 25th yr of having a 15th century story book home Guthrie Castle on my 64th b day, 10 aug, whilst visiting tokyo.
  36. There r many other incidents that have occurred in the last 12 months, but I am only listing the most salient ones.
  37. Future emails will not b so much catch up, cus I will b writing newsletters more often, along with a lot of social media entrées.


The economy seems 2 b on the rebound (if u believe the pundits), the recession technically is over and certainly the stock mkt indices have rallied in recent months, notwithstanding the unemployment figures approaching 10% and at a 26 yr hi. If the rebound is 4 real it will b yrs b 4 the world responds where most people sit! Remember the stk mkt is a leading barometer, and it will b yrs till the financial institutions loosen their grip. Hence, u have time 2 find ur vehicle, etc, 2 fulfill ur dreams. In that regard, I have continued 2 travel around the world looking 4 biz opps and recently returned from 2 weeks in inland china meeting with 80 co’s all in need of guidance. Of course they all believe cash is their only requirement. I tell them even with cash if they r not on the rite rd they can fail! I was there at invitation of the government.

It is extraordinary the growth in china even tho the worldwide economy has suffered greatly. But u still need 2 b very careful, no diff than any other place. Like always it is who u r planning 2 b in biz with – the people r of paramount importance! U r who ur associated with and will b measured by whom u surround ur self with!

In writing the 2nd edition and updating the QLA step by step guidelines (Bible as many call it), I was blessed with mentees, devotees, protégés and friends candid testimonials and stories of their successes following QLA, since the last yfhm published in 1999. They came from all over the world and from many diff industries. The one thing they all had in common was they succeeded against the odds. And started with NO MONEY. The book discusses ongoing success stories like george and deeann Verdier, who I met in 1993 early in my coaching career and were mentioned in my last book 10 yrs ago. And in this edition I was especially pleased 2 include my 1st second generation qla devotee, the verdier’s son, bob, who is a successful investment banker! u can’t imagine the joy I have when I c him and we share experiences! Except 4 the verdier’s (who is still running and gunning deals all over the world) the book is full of new names – a new generation that have taken the qla baton!

As of this writing, even in this economy, I have mentees following qla: building dream teams of directors; getting lawyers and accountants on board on a success and deferred fee basis; finding fragmented industries 2 consolidate in asia, europe, and the usa; finding the necessary finance 2 fulfill their dreams, albeit often on tougher financial terms; and continuing 2 motivate others in qla methodologies.


Having had my 64th b day recently I appreciate more than most we have limited time on this  earth, tho I am living at least 120 yrs! And it’s the choices that make us who we r! irrespective of what we may b told we can always chose to do rite 4 ourselves and others! (but I am not saying win – win!) I have had countless opps where I had a choice 2 make it easier 2 do the wrong thing in almost 40 yrs in biz. I am sure virtually all that r reading this have had similar choices. At the end of the day or a career u will b judged by the decisions u made, sum in the heat of despair, but most not in such an environment. I and many other hi performance individuals only judge the decisions made under stress. I believe, what better evaluation of a person than when he is over the toilet spitting his guts out because of nerves caused by FEAR – which r false expectations appearing real! Or as Churchill said, recognizing and acknowledging a fear is wisdom!

As part of my aging process I have learned 2 take issues very seriously, but not 2 take myself seriously! I have said countless times hi performance individuals often engage in self deprecating activities. They r able 2 engage in that activity due 2 their own hi self esteem and self worth. There has been a popular finance commercial on American tv that I feel embodies much of the qla spirit. It states in part: dreams never sleep; aspirations never sleep; hopes never sleep; opps never sleep; the world never sleeps; hence u can always turn dreams into realities!


This month I am officially launching my new social media presence (c below); my recent 2nd addition of ur 1st 100 million; my new on line qla products 4 the current financial crisis environment; my new QLA financial crisis news letter; my new qla updated 2010 qla castle seminar; and my firm commitment 2 make qla visible in china and asia.

I hope and pray u all have had a fulfilling yr, but even if u have not had as good a yr as u wanted, the great thing is, u can in the next 12 months! As long as u never give up! Associate with other hi performance people and never ever give up knowing ur goals can become reality. Of course u need goals. And as the legendary golfer Ben Hogan used 2 say the 10 greatest words ever spoken: if it is 2 b, it is up 2 me! And always remember plans can b made of sand, but goals must b made of concrete!

2 ur ql,

dan pena

ps here r my new social media info details:



pps c the new Chinese web site of the Guthrie Group:

ppps we r ALL inhibited by something that prevents r personal progress. Some wear braces, some r in wheel chairs and sum walk normally like me (san the recovering hip). Having 3 kids, 23 kelly, 26 derrick and 27 dan jr, I have realized it has not been easy being my kids! It is not easy being my mentee, biz partner, accountant, lawyer, or even friend! I require a higher standard than most have experienced outside the military,  tho sum say I have softened with age. I have told many I am a product of my social and economic milieu, as we all r. we r who r parents were (4 better or worse) and who we were raised around – good, bad, or ugly! The navy seals (which I was not) have a saying: the only good day was yesterday! I have said countless times: go hard or go home! I say all this cus whilst qla works in these diff times – it is not easy! It is easier! It is not 4 the weak of heart! And those who work with me know I am more demanding in tough times than easy times. I hate 2 get corny, cus I am a lot of things but corny isn’t 1 of them – when the times get tough, the tough get going! If there was ever I time 2 “suck up ur panty hose” IT IS NOW!

If u r sincere (and if ur not don’t bother) in ur desire of fulfilling ur dreams 4 u and ur luvd ones: as Winston Churchill said – never never ever quit; and a fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject! So go out and b a fanatic and never quit!