Fun Seminars

Fun SeminarsSeminars are meant to be educational – yes. But it doesn’t mean that it must also be boring. One of the major problems of most seminars that are being held is how to keep the attendees so interested in the discussion that they will keep asking for more and how to entertain them so to keep them both physically and mentally active for the next activities.

Most seminars have the ordinary purpose of getting a bunch of people and feed them with whatever information the speaker presents, but forcing them that will lead them to not do their part of listening and interacting. Most speakers tend to focus mostly about themselves telling his listeners to follow EVERYTHING that he has done making these listeners bored to death and not looking forward to the next activities but to the ‘going home’ part.

Dan Pena in his Quantum Leap Advantage Castle plans always sees to it to be able to not only educate his clients and attendees but also entertain them. With such powerful ways of delivering his messages, he doesn’t have the same brawling character of other speakers since he lets you in his life and only shares experiences for you to learn and pick your own choice. He sees to it that each attendee will be looking forward to learning more in the following days, yet still providing them with the recreation after an all day’s work and learning.

In his Guthrie Castle, Dan Pena lets business people present during the seminars to enjoy the amenities in the place such as golf, the high-class rooms and including the bars and the lounges. He has planned a 7-day seminar that will truly edify you with the recognized Quantum Leap Advantage that most businessmen of the modern times have been talking about. With more than 60 hours of interactive seminar where attendees get the chance to have a Question and Answer Forum and a personal session with Mr. Dan himself, you are promised to be looking forward to more seminars.

Different testimonies of seminar attendees are found on proving that these seminars have not only inspired but have influenced business people all over the world and have taught them how to deal with the problem of recessions and keeping afloat in the business. Dan Pena’s Castle Seminar Extravaganzas are highly recommended to all businesspeople, both new and old to the business.