Getting out

Getting outI was always the one being bullied when I was a young kid. I remember Big Mike getting all of the candies I received as a gift for my birthday and he would always take a bite of my sandwich and get all of it when he liked it and left me with the rest when he didn’t. I thought that I would get away of the bullies when I grow up and have my own job. I was wrong. I remember getting inside the office and then in a minute, I was called by my boss Michael. What a coincidence! I was harassed not only physically since I was asked to do most jobs in the office including parking the cars and getting coffee; I was also harassed emotionally and mentally since I have to bear all the cruel words I usually receive since I have to keep my job. But everything ends. One day I realized that if I can’t bear something, why continue doing it. I generalized all bosses to be like that and how I wished I could have my own business so that no one could bully me anymore. I also promised myself that I would never do what my boss did to me to my subordinates. I wanted to start on my own. But how is that possible? I don’t know where to start.

I asked a friend for advice and he said that he once checked a site and told me that he browsed through the products and remembered reading about Quantum Leap Advantage Boot camp. He said that it was talking about how one can finance his dream business. I checked out and availed Dan’s Quantum Leap Boot Camp and got the best idea on how to get out of my miserable state. Before I was too afraid to take the risk of opening up my own business thinking that if I fail I have nowhere to go but back to being the bullied one, but now that I have the right idea and formulated everything. I can now say that I dare to go and get out! He gave me a new way of thinking and gave me the kick that I needed. I realized that all of my experiences were also experienced somehow by those who are successful in their own rights at the present especially with their own businesses. Now, I am ready to open up my own business and change the lives of others and be the best boss.