Highly-Rated Show London Real Host Turns from Cynic to QLA Believer

As many of you know, I invited London Real Host Brian Rose to my October 2014 castle seminar. He didn’t exactly come kicking and screaming but the guy had reservations and nearly did not come lol! But for you non-believers out there, read on and see how the power of QLA can turn opinions around and transform your life!

I told him when I first met him back in April – I will change your life! And to his credit – he did and came to Guthrie Castle to experience the beginning of an epic paradigm shift! WTF! But you must view the interviews and read the blog for yourself! Brian’s poignant questions and comments speak volumes.

If you don’t already know about this, then read up! Here is a snippet:

As the high-speed train wound its way up the English coast and onto the seas of Scotland I passed the hours by studying the man whom I would soon meet again, Dan Peña. I perused his full dossier: biography, newsletters, videos, and speeches looking for something that would tell me more about the man that I could not yet fully understand. But was I studying my enemy or my future mentor?”