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Your First 100 Million, 2nd Edition NOW AVAILABLE

Dan Peña’s book relays his remarkable success story, and the step-by-step guide to the incredible Quantum Leap Advantage® methodology.

This leather-bound, 320-page gold leaf book is a must for anyone serious about making a Quantum Leap in their business and in their life!

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Are you prepared to weather the financial crisis?

AIG gets $85 billion from US government, Lehman Brothers goes bk, Merril Lynch gets taken over by Bank of America, Bear Stearns bailed out by JP Morgan, and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae taken over by the US government!


Dan’s seminar will address in detail how to take advantage of this crisis, as he did to build a $445 million empire in the worse market decline in 50 years.

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Business Mentor Programme

Become One of the Privileged Few Who Are Part of This Exclusive Business Mentor Programme… Be Personally Mentored By Dan Peña The “$400 Million Man” Who Built His Empire In Less Than 8 Years, from Zero!”

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New 7 Day QLA Castle Seminar

To refresh QLA devotees memories this seminar produced the likes of Beryl Crump, Deann and George Verdier, Bruce Whipple, Bodo Schaeffer, Michael Pierce, Lucinda Burke, Casey Stephenson, Frank Slangen, Winneke Liefbroer, Errol Maynard, Tony Ward, Colin Chapman and countless others.

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