Hospitality Businesses

Hospitality BusinessesDiane Cardwell of New York Times wrote a story about Riccardo Romero whom, four years ago, could not find anyone, even banks to finance his dream job, a restaurant. He then has nowhere to go making him to Accion, which is a nonprofit micro lender to small businesses in Astoria, Queens. He was able to borrow $10,000 and right away started Arepas Café.

Cardwell now tells Mr. Romero’s present business status and that he now is a successful businessman and now expanding his restaurant business in Queens. Although Mr. Romero has a dream of expanding his restaurant across borders, New York micro lenders do not want to support small businesses especially those involving food and beverage business ventures since they may have trouble paying banks when their sell is low. This makes them difficult to get loans from banks since these big banks need good collateral.

It is disheartening to know that some banks do not help young businessmen in their plan to succeed. They thought that since they are the first in mind of people who are needing money, they are also the only way for these young business people to fund their businesses – they are proven wrong. These young business men would later go to lenders. The strictness these banks are showing, economists say will prevent the present low economic status from developing.

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