Dan Pena is an ideal personal success coach. Learn to choose one from his life and events through this newsletter

Everybody needs a personal success coach who can be looked upon as mentors and role models. There is always a sense of reverence and respect attached to a personal success coach. Most famed personalities have a crafted similarity and there are moments one sees an emerging reflection of their personal success coach among themselves. This means aligning the thought process with these individuals and then taking a slight variation depending on circumstances and situations. Though a personal success coach works and trains it is the belief in one’ self that that matters.

Proper mentoring leads to confidence which is developed to handle situations. There are plenty of triggers that can help in judging the flamboyance of an individual and their principles held dear in their lives.

A personal success coach would have extraordinary traits and would be in perfect sync with everything. The meticulous nature and experience over the years drives them forward and after a certain level, the sense of achievement is so high that even relationships become discretionary. The whole exercise of rediscovering one’s self in the same existing environment makes the difference.

Fun is also the cerebral make-up of the ideal personal success coach and reaching the pinnacle of achievement, it is well worth enjoying life and living it king size and doing what’s important and forget the rest!.

Follow the simple principle yesterday’s dreams are today’s realities and most importantly enjoy the fruits of labour now! Dan Pena is the ideal personal success coach and through his life and events described in this newsletter the ideals for success are learnt.


26-Aug-2003 From Dan Peña – Executive Coach and Mentor to the High Performer.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

Whilst roaming around my grounds on my golf cart the other day, I came across a man outside my west gate that is adjacent to Guthrie village. He was elderly and in a wheel chair. He moved towards me and introduced himself. I have lived here for 19 years and I had never seen him, let alone met him.

We chatted for a few minutes about how nice and peaceful Guthrie was and how fabulous the weather had been. (In case you didn’t hear Europe had a major heat wave that even spread to Scotland). I made one of my favourite observations that nothing had changed in 19 years. I said, the only difference was, upper Guthrie (up the hill) had a new phone booth and lower Guthrie just outside my gate had a new post (mail) box. There are no stores, pubs or shops. A church and a cemetery are the only additions to the landscape. He said nothing had changed in the 42 years he had lived in his cottage.

He went on to tell me stories about Colonel Ivan Guthrie, the last patriarch of the Guthrie clan. He shared stories how Ivan had served in Queen Victoria’s time. And how Ivan was an eccentric, though he didn’t call him that. He said, he used to gallop around the estate on his horse. He talked in a kind of reverence about this man. He obviously had some respect for him. He also said, Ivan had photos in an exhibition fashion in the castle telling the story of his life. It appeared as if he thought Ivan had had a wonderful life and apparently enjoyed it to the fullest.

In a very surreal manner I thought he might also be referring to me and the life I have had to date. Of course I don’t ride on a horse around the grounds. I ride a golf cart and walk the perimeter almost every day. I know my neighbour I had never met, hadn’t been in my home, but I too have many photos and articles throughout what we call the "Great Western Wing" where I spent much of my time working and coaching.

We had such a nice talk, me sitting in my cart and he in his wheel chair basking in the warm sun. He said he soon would join the others in the Guthrie cemetery, 100 meters away. He seemed extremely content with no worries and free of all stress. I believe he might actually look forward to it.

I shook his hand saying I was happy to meet him. He shook my hand very firmly. It was the kind of handshake you get from someone who read a book, or had attended a class on power of presence. I slowly turned to go back. He said, with a great smile on his face, "Yesterday’s Dreams Are Today’s Realities!". I said, "Yes", with even a bigger smile on my face! I mumbled under my breath, how very true as I drove over my property line to what was my dream many years ago and still one of my greatest passions, "Guthrie Castle".

I have pondered why he said what he did? I have thought perhaps it was a dream, or it was like a twilight zone experience. Could this man have read my book? Website? Not likely. According to British Telecom, only 32 out of 85,000 population have requested DSL in all of Angus County. So how many even have computers? I know many don’t.

I drove directly back to Guthrie Loch in the centre of my property, where there is a monument (with a time capsule inside) that was given to me by my wife for my 50th birthday. Inscribed on the Italian marble is:

Daniel S. Peña, Sr.
August 10, 1995
"Yesterday’s Dreams are Today’s Realities"

Many people on the property that don’t know me often think I am buried there. Actually it might be a great place to put me. The view is spectacular!

Now, let me share with you some exciting news: I recently announced, I have decided to reduce greatly my busy schedule even more and have moved back to Guthrie Castle full time. A castle home was my dream since 1983. I moved here with my family in 1984. I stepped down as CEO of The Guthrie Group 23 May, 2003. As I have written here before, I have extracted myself as part of a long-term plan from all executive positions in recent years. I remain Chairman of The Guthrie Group and will maintain my relationships with select clients and friends. I will also keep working with a few mentees that are "Quantum Leaps In Progress".

Recently I told the BBC in a TV interview, "After 33 years in "the eye of the tiger" all over the world, I have decided to do fun stuff like, I want to enjoy more fully what started my quest, Guthrie Castle. My dream was to live in a castle on an island since 1983, though Britain isn’t what I had in mind as an island, Guthrie Castle is exactly what I dreamt".

On a recent visit from my daughter, I saw sites I had never seen though I have lived near them for 19 years. I plan on doing much more of this in the future. I also am taking advantage of having my own 18-hole golf course. I recently hired a Carnoustie Golf Links (site of the 1999 British Open Championship) trained greenskeeper to refurbish my course. He has made many great changes. And I have learned how to drive the various large machines used to maintain the course – I cut a mean fairway!

Having recently had my 58th birthday, I am going to enjoy life even more than I have in the past. I have written many times QLA methodology is all about living everyday as it was your last. In that vain, my longest standing friend of 40 years emailed me a few months ago to say a friend of his had passed away suddenly. He and my friend were going to come to Guthrie to play golf this month. He was our age. My friend said, do what’s important and forget the rest!

There are two messages in this letter: "Yesterday’s Dreams Are Today’s Realities"; and most importantly "enjoy the fruits of your labour now!" I merely plan on enjoying myself even more in the next 40 – 50 years!

To Your Quantum Leap

Daniel S. Peña, Sr

P.S. For those that think my writing strange, don’t worry! I am in great health and intend to be around for a very long time – to see my children’s grandchildren!