The inside story of a personal life coach

A high performer can comfortably be considered as a personal life coach. A personal life coach breaks away, soaring high in the sky and maybe there all alone. The basic truth is today there are countless reasons given by people for not fulfilling their goals and this leads them to uninspired lives as it hinders their choice of a personal life coach. The reasons could be right from blaming spouses to not having the stomach to handle it. Or as a defense claiming money isn’t everything or money can’t buy happiness!

Aligning one’s self to think – money alone buys freedom to make infinite amount of choices is acceptable. Not all goals are financial and over a period of time with more choices developed a situation arises which can be envious to others.

This leads on to reasoning why many don’t achieve their goals. Without a personal life coach, the influence of the belief system, a socio and economic influence is required to fulfill dreams. Added to this is a major influence of people in the immediate circle. This could mean like minded people meeting together and relating with one another. But on the contrary, when a personal life coach is a high performer there is a tendency to soar high in sky all alone because they are loners. The truth is whether alone or not – soar!

This newsletter is an abstract of a high performer’s e-mail which is a major source of inspiration and can be the ideal personal life coach. It talks of the fears people have even though they have money. It clearly brings out the truth that perception is reality and absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. All what a personal life coach recommends.



From Dan Peña – Executive Coach and Mentor to the High Performer.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

I get letters from people often. Occasionally I share them with my readers. I protect their real identity, so they maintain their privacy.

"little people", along with the big guys, I fondly remind myself of such terrific examples. I still get chills when I read a story like the one below. Notwithstanding it took him (coincidentally) 8 years he never gave up hope.

"giving up, or in to outside pressure" to soon. I have heard countless reasons: my mortgage, my kids education, my wife (and this is most often the case), my job doesn’t allow me the time, I don’t have the will, I don’t have the stomach, and the biggest one of them all-money isn’t everything! Or money can’t buy you happiness!

"buys" you freedom to make infinitely more choices. The individual who writes below now has a continuum of choices he couldn’t have envisioned 8 years ago! That’s a great new problem virtually all of you would like to have!

So why do so many not achieve their goals? As the writer so appropriately states – it’s "your belief system" that keeps you from fulfilling your dreams. We are all products of our socio and economic milieu’s. We are whom we hang out with, or as the kids used to say, chill out with. (I am a little unclear what that really means.) I have written, I never met a part time high performance person. And like people congregate together in like surroundings – with people they relate to. That is not to say high performance people don’t fly alone. On the contrary they soar often alone like an eagle. Many high performance people are perceived to be loners. Whether you’re a loner or not – soar!

Now read what this high performance person has to say. Mentally put yourself in his place. Visualise where he is and what he is thinking. $100,000 a week isn’t all the money in the world, but it isn’t bad! Considering he has come from $15 an hour. A "working stiff" as he refers to himself. Not bad at all! It makes me proud to forward you this email!

To Your Quantum Leap
Daniel S. Peña, Sr

P.S. It is pleasing to read, as I often do, there are people who would still like to hear me speak. You can still hear me as often as you like through QLA product.

… if you could tell Dan ‘Thanks’ for me, I’d appreciate it – he’s responsible for my new lifestyle.

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but I was fortunate enough to hear Dan in 1994, when he spoke in Los Angeles … His style and thought process captured my attention completely. I recorded his short speech, and listened to those tapes every few months while driving my 1994 Honda Civic to and from work. I knew one day I would break into the hi-performance world that was waiting for me.

My thinking was completely different than anybody I knew…I had a hard time communicating with anyone because my thought process was so different. Here I am thinking Macro, and everyone is thinking Micro. At that time, I had a ‘good job’ (i.e.: working stiff) and was working nights for a grocery company earning about $15.00 /hr. (US).

In a nutshell, I simply made up my mind 16 months ago to make a million dollars within the next year. I determined what it would take and set out to do. On June 16, 2002 I went live with my first online business. I built what many consider the most popular … membership website online today. I become one of Google’s and Overture’s top advertisers…regularly spending over $5,000 (US) daily in advertising. I believe I’m one of the few individuals who was generating $100,000 (US) weekly, while STILL working a full-time job! It almost cost me my marriage, as I was working 16 hours a day (and more) EVERYDAY… including weekends…no vacation, no holidays. I left my job 5 months ago and have not looked back. Leaving my job was the biggest challenge. I was scared to death! I mean REALLY scared…even though I had more money than ever, I was still terrified.

So I now work for myself, live in a million-dollar home with a million dollar view of Los Angeles and the valley. I am slowly building my dream-team (attorneys, cpa, employees, etc.), and working hard to break free from doing mundane work (programming) myself … as I’ve seen first hand that my employees can do it better (Dan was right about that). I’m currently looking into new projects and expanding my empire. The biggest obstacle has been overcome: my belief system.

… you probably hear these stories all the time. I just thought I’d share mine with you.

… He has some great sayings that I have never forgotten: "Perception is Reality" & "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"…great, great sayings.

I enjoy Dan’s newsletters and bulletin board. I had hoped that Dan was still putting on Seminars, but it seems he no longer does this?

I would very much like to hear him speak again. I’m a VERY busy guy, but I would drop everything to hear him speak or spend time with him.

Thanks …