The original Castle Extravaganza to make a personal success coach and UK Life coach.

Dan Pena rocks and remains the best personal success coach and UK Life coach. His October Seminar was a runaway success and these Castle Experiences have produced excellent business opportunities to promote QLA.

In this newsletter Dan talks of reinstating the 7 day / 8 night original Castle Extravaganza. This has been the hotspot where a personal success coach and UK Life Coach can emerge. Also he gives an elaborate list of people from the echelons of power that have been mentored by Dan Pena.

Going by the response of the October event and the past requests, Dan has planned one for year 2005 and attendees will be limited to 12. With a lot of cost benefits, freebies and give-aways he allures early birds and earlier attendees. Any aspirant looking to become a personal success coach or UK life coach will find this seminar helpful.

Many recent and former attendees requested the old week long format to enjoy the Castle ambience which is fully equipped with everything from a recreation game room to an 18-hole golf course. This format also created an interface with fellow attendees where there is better understanding of the various nuances of QLA methodology. What’s more, every attendee looking to become a personal success coach and UK Life coach will get time with Dan to discuss specific situations privately which is a very special experience!

Besides the costing and new auctioning idea, in this newsletter Dan talks of the various schedules of the first 2005 3 Day / 4 Night Castle Experience. Castle Grads of all 3 day castle programs will continue to enjoy a cost benefit and also they get special dispensation along with the ongoing discount! Now that’s truly a lot of pampering to make one a personal success coach or a UK Life coach.

This newsletter is simply a clarion call for everyone who wants to be a personal success coach or UK Life coach. Read on. It’s time to take a decision. As a parting shot – the person who takes action has the highest probability of achieving dreams now as opposed to later!


20th October 2004

From Dan Peña – Executive Coach and Mentor to the High Performer.

Dear High Performance Person and Visionary,

The October Seminar was another great success and it reinforces (not that I need it) I am doing the right thing for QLA and you by continuing to give live seminars. In fact the four 3 day / 4 night Castle Experiences this year have produced a number of excellent business opportunities and ideas about promoting QLA and I will now share what some of the results are:

New 7 Day QLA Castle Event

Due to popular request I am reinstating the 7 day / 8 night original Castle Extravaganza. It will be up dated to the 21st Century – but as they say, “It will bring back the fire and brimstone I became famous (or infamous) for whilst giving seminars from 1993 to 2000 and is only partially exhibited in all my product. To refresh QLA devotees memories this seminar produced the likes of Beryl Crump, Deann and George Verdier, Bruce Whipple, Bodo Schaeffer, Michael Pierce, Lucinda Burke, Casey Stephenson, Frank Slangen, Winneke Liefbroer, Errol Maynard, Tony Ward, Colin Chapman and countless others. See P.S. for seminar outline.

These classic events ended in 2000 costing up to $28,000 per person (or over £15,000 in today’s currency). This last October group for the Castle Experience pleaded a very convincing case that I should give them again. I had many other requests over the last couple of years, but I wasn’t giving seminars at the time. Only one is planned for next year 2005, at a reduced cost of £8,000, plus VAT, which is about 50% of the old rate! It will run from 24th – 30th April. A few places have already been reserved by the October attendees, pending this announcement, but now it’s open to all! FREE included in the cost will be a set of the audio tapes (yet to be priced individually), which will be recorded live and the Powerpoint presentation and all my current QLA products (a £1,500 value). In addition all week long attendees will be able to join in three FREE tele – conferences 30, 60 and 90 days after the seminar ends. This will allow all attendees a platform to voice and hear successes and any problem areas they have encountered since the seminar ended! And if that wasn’t enough incentive all attendees will get the opportunity to join the NEW Mentor Programme (described later in this letter) at a reduced cost for a year. Why am I offering all these extra benefits? Well since I came back to coaching I am determined to not only spread the QLA methodology to as many as I can, but also increase the probability of success to all who attend. Immersion in the product allows another Dose of Dan when ever necessary. The seminar format will be the same as the shorter version with a welcome reception, a couple of nights out on your own and a graduation black tie gala dinner. Attendees will be limited to 12. For those that attended those great week long events you remember, though very intensive, how much fun as a group you had, whilst I was pounding on QLA precepts!

Many recent and former attendees have requested the old week long format which had a more time to enjoy the Castle ambiance more fully: recreation game room, spa, gym and golf (by late April the sun will be out later). A week gives you more time to interface with your fellow attendees and get through all the various nuances of QLA methodology in greater detail to understand how they affect YOU. All attendees will have what was called “special time” with me to discuss your specific situation privately. As you can tell by the description it will be a very special experience! And now it will happen again in late April 2005. I am really looking forward to it.

Another unique idea has been put forth by an Englishman attending the October event. He thought since the space is limited the seminar spaces should be auctioned. Whilst I like that idea I am going to allow the first ten spots sold at £8,000, plus VAT, on a first come first serve basis, starting now. The last two seats will be auctioned as a test. Since I expect the auctioned seats to fetch a big premium I don’t want this to be purely an exercise to illustrate who has the deepest pockets. But what it will show is the true value of the week long QLA Castle Experience and the savings the early action takers will get! Remember QLA is based on taking actions now! For those that cost isn’t a factor wait for the auction! I will give a portion of the auction proceeds to charity. This week long extravaganza is dedicated to the QLA devotee who is a true purist and knows what an event with the exposure to me really can do in your QLA life cycle!

More Seminar News

For those who require a regular Dose of Dan, as my website states the first 2005 three day four night Castle Experience will take place 6th – 10th February. It will follow the same format and outline shown on my site which I followed in August and October. The 2005 costs will remain at £3,000, plus VAT, till December 15th, 2004. (Rather than push till 31 December and try and get stuff done through Christmas I picked a date prior to the heavy holiday season.) After that final date the 2005 costs will increase to £4,000 plus VAT. Again I am promoting taking action which is one of the most important QLA precepts! Castle Grads of all 3 day castle programmes, no matter when attended, will continue to enjoy the £3,000 cost. Yes Castle Grads get special dispensation; they will get an ongoing discount!

In addition the February Castle attendees will get one FREE tele – conference 30 days after the seminar ends with their fellow attendees, the Powerpoint presentation and a lower discount on a yearly membership to the New Mentor Programme discussed below.

As regular readers will attest to my previous 57 newsletters, dating back to 1993, have never been totally marketing information orientated – this is a first! So let me give you some additional news:

In a recent speech I said, I had never been in four businesses: sex (legal), drugs (legal), MLM and franchising. As of Oct 1st I assumed Chairmanship of the fastest growing ????? business in the UK. I’ll keep you guessing but “Quantum” is in their name! Could it be “Quantum Sex”? “Quantum Drugs”? Or what? I’ll write some more about it in the near future. I am extremely excited , to the extent I still can get that way. It’s founder is a two time Castle Experience attendee and former partner.

Mentor Programme

Another October attendee (and he wasn’t the first) had another great idea! (Though I characteristically alluded to their fatherless upbringing they were a pretty bright group with a lot of interesting thoughts!) He suggested a Mentoring Programme – where I am not directly affiliated with their company as Chairman where I work regularly with mentees and their staffs. This programme would include, amongst other things, access to me via phone, email, and tele-conferencing on a regular basis. It has already started. Since it is a new endeavour, I will assess how many I can take into the programme in the short term. Costs of the Mentor Programme will be published shortly on my web site. Or if you are interested and have questions now contact Paul at:

In conjunction with this idea I have initiated a message link on each page of my site, The previous interactive message board proved too difficult and, or bothersome for most of the individuals who frequent my site. On each page on the right hand side you will see the interactive link – LIVE CHAT. For those of you that did use the interactive board, I apologize for shutting it down, but only a fraction of you actually signed on and used it. Soon the new bulletin board message centre will be online. In the meantime you can get your questions answered directly.

I am also reviewing sending a link to my news letter subscribers, rather than the news letter itself in the future. I will keep you apprised.

That’s it for now. You have a decision to make! Take action or not! But as always the person who takes action has the highest probability of achieving your dreams now as opposed to later! We are coming to a new year. Start it with a Quantum Leap!

To Your Quantum Leap

Daniel S Peña Sr.

P.S. Seven Day Seminar Outline – 7 Steps to Super Success:

1. Creating your Personal Foundation:

Get comfortable


Beyond Common Sense

New Rules

Focus on Ends not Means

2. Clarify your Vision

3. Building the Perception

4. Creating Your Dream Team

5. Your Quantum Leap Action Plan:


Working Capital (Raising Capital)

Financing – Internal Growth (Raising Capital)

Acquisitions – External Growth (Deals and Acquisitions)

6. Pay Yourself (Directors, employees) first

7. Creating Your Exit Strategy (Selling or Going Public)

P.P.S Again I offer those who need a bit more information the opportunity to speak and, or email past Castle attendees to hear it from the horses mouth the benefits of the Castle Experience!