8th March 2008

From Dan Peña – Executive Coach and Mentor to the High Performer.

Dear High Performance Person and Visionary,

Castle Seminar just completed!

Well the last castle event was better than any that came before! And I know that is hard to believe considering the seminars that have been given at Guthrie Castle since the mid 90’s!

We had a particularly diverse group with attendees coming from; Panama, Romania, England, USA, India, Wales, Ireland, and Venezuela. The industries represented were also very diverse; internet marketing, escort services (no joke), financial services, property/real estate, health care, athletics, a dietician and medical doctor, and medical phone answering services; and some who were looking for a new deal in their lives. They ranged in age from 22 to 66.

s always, I spent time looking at their deals and if appropriate discussed alternatives. It was especially gratifying to meet a very successful woman, Doris, who had heard me at a 3 Day QLA Seminar in Orlando in 1995. She actually followed what I said and is wealthy now, but wants to go to the next level, even though she already has a multinational company. God bless her!

We also had a guy who had heard me speak in 1994 and never gave up and now is on his 2nd successful venture. We also had a young woman that literally came back from a near death debilitating disease against all odds and all doctor’s prognostications and is now looking for a financial quantum leap having already made a physical one!

To see some of the graduation night testimonials – "Click Here." Yes the guys are wearing kilts and no I don’t know if they were wearing anything under them. I went to sleep at 1am but some stayed up in the newly decorated snooker room and played video games and snooker till 5am.

I had such a great time beating the attendees in our new $1.5 million pavilion facility, I am having another Castle Extravaganza 16th – 22nd November this year. We already have attendees signed up and at least 1 of the recent attendees will return for a 6th time.

The section on “A Healthy Life Style for the High Performance Person” was very well received. Dr Peters and his lovely dietician wife Jeanne did a terrific job and dished out some amazing information. Of course they are the team that has done some great work on me in the last 3 months: weight down 22 pounds; blood pressure down; cholesterol down; and other vitals headed where they should be for a 30 year old! You read correctly a 30 year old. Awesome!

More later as we get closer to the next event in November.

To Your Quantum Leap,

Dan Peña

P.S. I have decided to write another book, or should I say update “Your First Hundred Million.”

P.P.S. As I said at the Castle Seminar low interest rates and a collapsing real estate market make for massive opportunities.