It Pays Off

It Pays OffWall Street Journal pays tribute to Henry Taub who has founded the world’s largest payroll firm. He started and struggled from a two-man office that was serving 550,000 clients in 100 countries, having one-sixth of these companies are from the United States.

Growing up in a simple family, having a father who lost his job at a mill and since then supported his family by selling junk during the Depression, Mr. Taub strived at an early age and became a bookkeeper to support himself in his studies. Because of the need of money, he had always been looking forward to his payroll and having experience late paychecks from clients, he saw how workers walked out of the company. He then realized the importance of the payroll’s critical timing. After giving it much thought, he collaborated with his brother and Frank Lautenberg, a life-insurance sales trainee who became their firm’s first marketer. The business was thriving at first since there were only a few clients for them. He made deals with employers and union members saying that whenever a paycheck is given out late, workers should be paid extra so employers should make sure that they will not receive late paychecks. Letting these employees see private files were quite new but offices and business must all get used to this said Mr. Lautenberg. The company struggled for many years but was able to manage their accounts and become successful.

Dan Pena is like Mr. Henry Taub who wanted things easier for people, especially to those who wish to do a greater job and have a better life. They are both willing to help those who are willing to help themselves.

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