Jeffery Martin

Dear Mr. Pena I’m a long time subscriber to your newsletter, and own (and have worn thin) virtually every home study product that you’ve created. I’d like to thank you for the incredible information that you make available. When I first encountered it I was in my mid-twenties and was involved in doing acquisitions for a public company. Your information really helped me to make sense of what was going on behind the scenes, and was largely responsible for the success I enjoyed. For the past number of years it has helped me to build and sell businesses, something which I’m also very grateful for. I’m writing because I have a question and am thinking that you may be the best person to ask. Among other things, I currently own a technology consulting company. One of my employees ran across a 21 year old kid who had just sold a, fairly lousy, software product for several million dollars to an investment banking firm (this is what he referred to it as). The kid could not say who the firm was, but stated that the firm told him they had money that absolutely had to be out the door by the end of 2005, because of penalties that would be incurred if it was not in use. He was certainly left with the impression that it was a substantial problem for them, and they eagerly took down the names of every other software program he suggested they look into. Does this make sense to you, and if it does how would I go about finding the firms that have this ‘problem?’ Certainly I would be happy to assist in relieving as much of their burden as possible! Best Wishes,