Michael Pierce Ceo, Founder Brownstone Group

Since starting the QLA program and having Dan as my business mentor, I’ve been able to buy into several multi-million dollar businesses. QLA methodologies are a proven set of business precepts and principles applicable world-wide that have enabled me, someone that had absolutely no money or business experience to start with and achieve business success! I’ve found following the QLA program to have endless benefits… including personal, professional and business growth far beyond my own expectations and more importantly, what other people’s expectations were for me! The QLA program is a step-by-step system and very practical way, yet non-conventional, to acquire and build businesses in the real world of business. The QLA program has allowed me to start building true wealth and net worth in my lifetime that normally would take someone several generations to build on a conventional basis! For anyone that is seeking true success in business and in life… and is willing to be committed and truthful with themselves, the QLA program represents a proven system of time-tested, legal, moral and ethical business precepts and principles that can turn one’s dreams into realities! And lastly, being that all people are different, with different aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, etc… and being that all businesses have inherent differences depending on the industry… Dan Pena, the founding father of the QLA program, is committed to mentoring those that are committed to adapting QLA to themselves and using QLA to build their businesses…for as long as it may take! I’m living proof that Dan never gives up on an individual that is committed to continually learning, internalizing, adapting and implementing QLA methodologies to build and consolidate businesses in their chosen industry… as it took me many years… during which time, Dan never gave up on me as he always knew success was just around the corner! He was absolutely right! Thank you Dan! You and the QLA program are with out a doubt… filling very real and true gap that exists between academics in the world today… even at the highest levels… and the real world of building successful businesses and wealth in all civilized business arenas that exist in the world today!