A Man Who Procrastinates in His Choosing Will Inevitably have His Choice Made for Him by Circumstance!

Are you happy where you are in your life?

Time waits for no one! The year is 50% gone!

What have you done so far this year?

I recently celebrated my anniversary in coaching/mentoring QLA devotees! It has been a remarkable journey with many successes and of course a number of speed bumps (and a couple giant craters that would dwarf the Grand Canyon) in the road, as well! In that regard, I asked a long-time friend, mentee and business partner how he would rate himself over the last 24 years? At the same time, I rated myself no more than a 70/100 for my long career spanning 5 decades – knowing that I left many things on the table that I could of accomplished – but didn’t! But I kept swinging at the plate – as I still do!

I have written on many occasions, we all have regrets and as I approach my birthday I am often puzzled how and why people do the things they do in the name of good business, parenting, marriage, politics and life in general! As my dear Dad used to tell me – if you live long enough you will very likely see it all! Ergo, I often say – never under estimate how wrong you can be! He lived to be 91 and saw plenty: working as a 7 year old shoe shine boy delivering boot leg liquor during the depression; serving during WW2; serving during the Korean War; and raising me till I reached maturity and visiting me at Guthrie Castle – he told others, I made him very proud!

Taking the above into consideration – with me being older than most of you reading this newsletter – and having coached thousands in the QLA methodology since 1993 – I have some very strong beliefs vies a vies what it takes to be a high performance super successful person! Hell, I have strong views of what it takes merely to be an “also ran” person! Because I have also seen a great deal, dating back to my career long before coaching, where I had success in all parts of the world – I know what it takes to achieve and be a high-performance person! These high performance persons range from Medal of Honour recipients, billionaires, Olympians, astronaut’s, Presidents, Men of God, and some say the Devil himself!

I say this because the QLA methodology is a culmination of my total experiences in life and business with countless people from all backgrounds and demographics! Individuals who have been a Global 25 CEO to guys pushing flower carts! It is the step-by-step system for you to achieve your desires and dreams with no cash! No Ivy League education! No connections! No experience! The only requisite is – the belief in the idea that you can make it happen – if your desire is real and you believe in yourself! I give two great examples below of what can be achieved with no education and no money – with “Mikey the pizza boy who now is a movie maker” and his girlfriend “The Blonde Bimbo” who just made her 2nd acquisition at age 22!

If you are not moving toward your goals, perhaps you should seriously consider a change of course. Why? Because after more than 40 years of success in life and business, I know one thing to be categorically true – to be a high performance person you “must” stretch yourself outside your CZ! And the plain and simple reason for most people not being more successful is they have stayed put – where they feel comfy and not threatened! An example of this stretching is me moving to Asia when I turned 60 in 2005, from my extremely comfy surroundings! First to India and then to Manila! And in that regard, I see at least one more geographic change in my plans! So if I can continue to push myself at my age – why can’t you? As I have told countless QLA devotees, I never ask any of them to do something I haven’t done myself – or continue to do every day!

If you are on the fence about what to do next – listen and watch this short 4-minute video from a webinar from Guthrie Castle. It will put your thinking in proper perspective! It is pretty graphic, so be careful who you give it to – LOL! But it is vintage me and I make no apologies (other than I look like I have just got out of bed, but I had just completed a gym workout! LOL!) for its content or aggressive posture! When I was live during the webinar, I saw the audience numbers fall as I hit many tender trigger points with the audience all over the world! Listen and learn! Pass it on to someone you want to help achieve more in their life! I personally feel very strongly you should make it mandatory for your kids over 15, to listen to it daily! LOL!https://www.youtube.com/embed/c1gaes7YfZA?rel=0&autoplay=1


Well what did you think? Did it sound familiar? Could you relate? Did you feel any guilt? Now if I was a regular success guru – which thank God i am not, I would not talk to you in this manner! Hence, you are probably asking – why does Dan talk to us this way? Or why wouldn’t Dan tell me it is easy to be a high performance person, etc., like virtually all other success motivational gurus do? Well if you have to ask – you are subscribed to the wrong newsletter – and please unsubscribe! Because that is certainly not consistent with what I have seen it takes to be very successful in this extremely competitive world we live in today! I tell it like it is and have for 20 years in the coaching/mentoring arena! In fact I have told it like it is almost all my adult life – or for almost 50 years, since I volunteered for the US Army in 1966! And in that “tell it how it is” vein, I would put this video on your cell phone and listen to it daily, if not more often! Inundate yourself with the absolute reality of what it takes to be super successful – get outside your comfort zone – now! You can thank me later!

Can you justify why you are where you are in life? Or why you didn’t take direct action? Of course you can! That is what is great about being human and procrastination!

Read the Foreword of my 2nd edition book “Your First 100 Million” by Dr Klaus Kleinfeld, Current CEO of NEOM, Former President/CEO of Siemens; Former Chairman/CEO of Alcoa; Former Chairman/CEO of Arconic http://www.danpena.com/from-the-book/foreword-by-dr-klaus-kleinfeld/ As I have written, I mentored Klaus from 1997/8 to 2005 when he became CEO of Siemens AG, then the 25th largest company in the world! Klaus was my honoured guest at April’s QLA Castle Seminar!

Jennifer “the Pilates room”
[Who is she?] see more at: http://www.danpena.com/newsletter/new-qla-case-study-workshop-seminar/#sthash.xxzwn4o8.dpuf

Klaus, and Jennifer did several things extremely well, but really excelled at: 1) they listened; 2) followed QLA; 3) and were doggedly laser beam focused!

Remember, our scars have the power to remind us that the past is real.
There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Now the question is :

Are you settling for a life that is less than one your are capable of?

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