Newsletter Issue #107 : London Real TV Interview Extraordinary!

Easter Sunday, I was featured on London Real TV – 1 of the top podcast TV programs in the UK! The interview was about 90 minutes and it was vintage me! And having viewed it again, I must say, it is 1 of my very best interviews ever! And apparently the audience agreed, as tweeted in less than 48 hours by founder Brian Rose and a new QLA devotee: It’s an Instant Classic! RT

@danspena Your podcast on LondonReal was the most inspiring I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

The response was overwhelmingly positive! I am extremely pleased to know my message can resonate with a totally different demographic like London Real TV! Of course, I have said, till I am blue in the face – people don’t lack goals, passion, grit, or drive – they lack leadership! WTF! Good news and bad news: I will be carrying on pulling and pushing (some say beating) as many as I can across the goal line of life! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

It was ironic, it was released on Easter Sunday at about 5 pm UK time! Of course, I didn’t mind going heads up against the Big Man on his biggest day! I look forward to using this medium more and have been invited to participate in another podcast interview since this 1 was released! BTW: In case anyone is wondering if I was nervous? Well if I have to say it, you don’t know me well enough! LOL! As I believe is obvious from the interview, I was having a great time!

Not trying to be irreverent, it reminded me of taking the Great Western public on my 39th birthday in August of 1984! And all the pundits told me it was a major mistake! Why? Because it was also the same day as a major UK government-owned Jaguar privatization of Mrs. Thatcher, UK’s Prime Minister! Of course, I said – fuck it and let’s go balls to the wall, against conventional wisdom! The results were no surprise to me! LOL! The next day headlines read – “The One That Really Roared – Great Western” and we were up 20% on the day and Jaguar was down about 20%! Of course, to this day, I get excited when I see a Jag and when I rarely ride in a Jag, it is a sexual experience! LOL!

Watch the London Real TV clip and learn and enjoy it! It is truly 1 of a kind! In fact, it has been suggested by QLA devotees, put it on your hand held device and view it whenever you need a kick in the ass! Because the initial response has been extraordinary and I enjoyed the experience – I WILL CERTAINLY DO MORE OF THE SAME! Of course, time is a factor! But high-performance people can always make time! As it has been suggested to me before, this is a great medium for my message, style, and delivery! WTF! And this 1 on 1 type interview is ideal for me, especially when the interviewer is well prepared, like Brian Rose of London Real TV!


It is hard to describe how well the recent April Seminar went! I am convinced with a mix of previous attendees the QLA message is more readily assimilated! In this regard, we already have a couple from the April seminar signed up for the next seminar in August! In addition, we have the people we could not accommodate in April, hence if interested get off your ass and take action before it is too late! Contact Thelma at

To Your Quantum Leap!



P.S. As I shared during the Seminar, I receive these kinds of mentee emails often:


Thks for your teaching. I appreciate it so much. I talked today with millionaires – they told me I can’t do what I did-idiots!

Working with H already on our first acquisition, and putting together a killer team ….

P was (100%) funded with 0 equity …


P.P.S. I have also attached a recent press release describing the London Real TV event and a few important QLA points! Press Release :