Newsletter#111: Beyond 30 Years of Success


Many thanks for all the many anniversary comments and birthday wishes!

Though I was successful before 1984, my career is normally benchmarked by the goals I accomplished during the last 30 years! This has always been somehow strange for me to understand, notwithstanding my high performance activities before this and now through 6 decades! But as I teach – perception is reality! So it must be real! In fact, my success is directly tied to about less than 10 things I did in a career that has spanned decades! Admittedly, some of these feats, in retrospect, seem super human, or even touched by the Gods. I should be happy and content – but I’m not and that is why I keep pushing and so fucking committed to dragging as many of you across the goal line as I can! And guess what guys? You are the direct beneficiaries! WTF!

It is a very special month – August 2014! Not merely because I was born 69 years ago! Of course, as my dearly departed Mom who passed away 10 years ago would say, it was the most special time of her life. Not just because they dropped the first 2 atomic bombs to end WWII in the Pacific, but a lot of other very special things happened especially in this month 30 years ago! Though it is more appropriate to say, I made it happen through QLA (though I didn’t call it that back then), as exhibited through my true grit and determination as I coach and mentor to all that will listen!


1) I took my company Great Western Resources, Inc public on my 39th birthday against all odds, due to, as life would have it, being the very same day Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher was privatizing Jaguar! And all said, I had no chance to have a successful IPO, yet GWRI was up 20% and Jag was down on the day! I still get a warm sexual feeling whenever I see a Jag! WTF!
2) I turned a $60,000 option to buy something I could not afford under any circumstances, into $65,000,000 in 100 days!
3) I purchased and moved into my 15th century fairytale home Guthrie Castle, fulfilling my dream/goal in only 17 months to have a grand castle estate!
4) I saw my 3 great kids gain adulthood and make me proud!
5) I am married to a very special lady who understands my drive and passion to excel way beyond the norm and makes me extraordinarily happy!
6) I created, as a high performance success coach, over $50 billion in equity and value through and with my QLA mentees/devotees!
7) And last but not least, I am still alive at 69 to have enjoyed all the above and much much more, when no one gave me a chance to accomplish anything! Of course the odds were with the nay sayers, based on my background as a fucked up kid during the first 20 years of my life and as a young army officer during the mid-1960’s, who dodged fate, after volunteering to join the US Army at age 20 during the Vietnam conflict!



Amongst other things, I am announcing, a special event! In exactly 12 months from now, I will be celebrating my 70th birthday! There will be a gala at Guthrie Castle! As part of this event, I am inviting all past QLA Castle Seminar attendees since 1993 that are still alive, not in jail (LOL) to join me! So please spread the word! The only caveat is the number of past QLA Castle Seminar attendees, will be limited to the first 200 that would respond to this invitation by email! (We can only seat about 350 at the Guthrie Castle Pavilion and I will have 150 friends/family – if I can find that many! LOL!) Again only the first 200! If you are seriously interested, contact Kim at now! But to clarify, these 200 will not stay at Guthrie Castle and will stay at nearby hotels, etc, at their own expense! Of course, additional personal invitations will go out to friends and family soon!

The main party will be on August 10, 2015! It will be a black-tie dinner and drinks on me – no exceptions in reference to attire! There will be other events before and after the 10th of August that will be announced on my web site and in this newsletter in due course! But I am well aware that some people will say they are attending and not show up – such is life! Hence, a system will be instituted soon, to preclude even QLA devotees that could be flakes (LOL), from saying yes and do not attend!



Well, more than 7 months of the year are over! But I won’t ask if you are ripping it! LOL! The August Seminar is upon us and fully booked, though we had a couple of last-minute cancellations, as life would have it! WTF! Of course, these guys don’t understand and/or care that I have precious little time to replace them, with such late notice! My staff is more concerned with this dilemma since we were already paid, but I feel it’s the people that don’t come who are the losers! Though it’s a sign of the times, showing lack of respect is truly inconsiderate and I feel it incumbent upon me to mention this is clearly not a high-performance fact pattern! There will always be reasons that I accept as to why you change plans – EITHER YOU’RE IN A COMA OR YOU’RE DEAD! WTF! Life is not fair! LOL! Of course, they wonder why they are not more successful!

Speaking of commitment – the above reminds me of the time I made an appointment in Frankfurt flying from Los Angeles. And after a near-death accident, I still came to meet mentee, Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld, even though I was hunched over in a wheelchair! I still cherish the look on all their faces, as another mentee rolled me in! It was one of those precious Kodak moments that stay with you forever! WTF! Like I always tell you kids – WHEN I SAY I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING – I FUCKING MEAN IT!



The QLA Podcast No. 004 has recently been released! And surprise, surprise! The new seminar format that follows the actual castle modus operandi is extremely liked, hence I will change the format! You can also like my official Facebook Page to get constant updates. And though we are getting good questions in, we always need more! I expected more questions from you guys – but like in life, most of you already gave up before they even started – and submitted no questions! WTF!

Of course, if your life and business are perfect, you need not respond! There are graphic words to describe such actions – but I will let you fill in the blanks! The next 2 podcasts will be audio-only, because I am on the road and will be preparing and giving my August seminar! I will get back to the new favored seminar format soon!



I am currently just finishing a trip through Scandinavia and Russia with my lovely wife Sally to celebrate my birthday! And there is no shortage of blondes here! LOL! The Vikings did a lot of good, as witnessed by all the tall good looking blondes! At the same time, I am seeing a few QLA devotees/mentees that are in this part of the world! And I enjoy making time for all these kids, though I would be disingenuous to say it can be slightly inconvenient at times! But when you are the very best at something – you make time no matter what! Hence, I always make time! Remember, being a high performance person is doing the very best, even when you don’t feel like it!



The October Seminar is about 40% sold and should fill up soon. As previously announced it has been expanded to 8 days! This is being done as a test, because the recent attendees have said they needed additional private time with me at the seminar, hence I have extended it! When attendees were asked – how can Dan add more value to an already super packed week? I was told – can we have more personal time with you? So I added a full day, plus more than ½ of another day! WTF! And no extra charge! Again WTF! Gee Dan, why do you do this? LOL! Again this is a test in October to see how much can be accomplished!

I will take this extra day and a half to make a few breaking changes in the seminar that I have not had time to incorporate heretofore! We will add more interactive training tools, including YouTube, and the segments I publish online will be lengthened to approximately 15 minutes, 3 times during each seminar day. I will also add more role playing – plus more 1-on-1 time! And I am not increasing the investment cost! WTF! Are you crazy Dan? No, because I am sure it will add even more value to make it an even more valuable experience to all attendees! And for you intellects – don’t waste your time trying to figure out why I am not increasing the cost – especially since the last few seminars have already been fully booked, with waiting lists! As I have said till I am blue in the face – I am not like the other success coaches in so many ways, I can’t list them all! LOL! If you still have to think why I do this – please give me a belated birthday gift and unsubscribe to this newsletter – because you just don’t get it and never will!


To Your Quantum Leap in Life and Business,


P.S. Here are a couple YouTube Videos that hopefully you can relate to! If you can’t relate and take action – you should take a secondary action and unsubscribe to my QLA newsletter now! Who is he? He is the one!

The 2nd YouTube Video partially answers the question why I keep trying to get you kids across the goal line! Pure and simple – determination and commitment for me to be the very best at anything I do!

P.P.S. Work on the QLA Castle Reality Show is still in progress, but moving slowly due to the UK summer holidays! WTF!