Newsletter#112: Back-to-Back with London Real & Bulletproof Executive Radio



Well, in a few days I will be on the first of a few luminary podcasts – Bulletproof Executive! It is strange that before April of this year, I knew very little of this medium and had wrongly discounted it! LOL! But I am reminded of one of my favourite Penaisms: “never underestimate how wrong you can be!” WTF! And if the 50 Billion Dollar Man can be wrong – how wrong can you be? LOL! Of course the big difference is once I realised I was wrong – I took action like a fucking demon: my own podcast; reality show ideas; other leading podcasts to appear on; a leading world renowned talent agency; interviews with top production companies to discuss a reality show, re-release of my book Your First Hundred Million and a possible documentary; and much more! WTF! What do you do when opportunity strikes, or in this case, kicked me in the teeth? Being a high performance guy, I took fucking action!

I have Brian Rose, the founder of London Real TV, to thank for giving me my first big opportunity in this medium! And I want to also thank one of my mentees for the good word he had put in on Brian’s show when he was interviewed earlier this year. Otherwise Brian may never have discovered me! Thanks to them both! BTW, I find it funny at almost 70 years old and having accomplished what I have done, to be discovered! LOL! More about being discovered later!



I am pleased to announce, one of the world’s top talent agencies, WME (William Morris Endeavour) Entertainment is representing me now! Through them I have been introduced to a number of the leading production companies in the UK! Strange to be referred as a “talent” now! Even more strange to be called unique, to say the least! As mentioned above, to be discovered at almost 70 years of age, only reinforces a major QLA precept: never stop swinging at the plate and great things can happen! WTF! I could sit back and blow smoke up my own ass, but I am thrilled that this illustrates what you can do, if you never stop trying!  I could write, yet another book, about how they said it would not happen! Of course we are a long way from a show, but all you can ask is for the opportunities in life! And this is certainly another one in my case that I forced to happen! QLA doesn’t wait to see how things work out! QLA forces the action!



And where else? The “thrilla at Guthrie Castle” and it will not be the only encounter since 1468 when Guthrie was first built! Guthrie Castle was at the forefront of Scottish history hundreds of years ago and still is since I instituted the first QLA seminar there in 1993! And this encounter will be my best effort (and I don’t mean best like you guys do) to show Brian’s followers how they too can be “all they can be” – Guthrie Castle being the perfect metaphor to illustrate “yesterday’s dreams are today’s realities!” Remembering, a castle on an island was my dream and I made it a reality in just 17 months! The interview will take place just prior to the next QLA Castle Seminar on the 25th of October! WTF!



No, it’s not a misprint! LOL! I am proudly announcing that Brian Rose himself will be attending the castle seminar as a participant! WTF! Can you believe it? Hell I can’t! I am already looking forward to the many YouTube videos, etc., which we will film during the week-long event! And I was just told, Brian will be uploading daily feeds to his loyal followers in social media from the seminar! Again WTF!



Based on the many questions I get about getting finance and “Is QLA for me?”,  I have put together two special podcasts, based on general topics: “How Do I Get The Fucking Money?” and “Do I Have What It Takes? Is This Really What I Want?”. These upcoming “Pod Specials” will be based on my 40+ years of doing business in the real world and 21 years of coaching QLA! They will be extremely hard-hitting and critically informative!

As I have articulated since 1993, QLA is not for everyone! I have made it abundantly clear! Yet I still get many queries from you guys looking for an easy way to be a high-performance person – with wealth accumulation as a bi-product! WTF! As I have said till I am blue in the face, if there was an easy way, I would know about it! And anyone who tells you any different has not accomplished much and/or is full of shit! But I still get these BS questions, like I am hiding the “real secrets”. And there are none! The only secret is a lot of hard fucking work! These 2 special pods will fully address the subject matter in extremely succinct and final terms that even an idiot can understand!

Getting the finance is not tough, as common consensus and conventional wisdom tell you if you follow my QLA template! Yet most people complain that it’s very difficult, only because they don’t know how QLA works! But those of you old enough to know about the money-back guarantee I offered for my QLA “Raising Capital” seminar will know – not one person ever asked for their money back for the then $1000 seminar! Yeah guys, NEVER! The only caveat was they had to follow the model step by step, with no exceptions and I guaranteed them they would find their finance!

But more importantly, is this QLA stuff really for you? Do you have what it takes? Is this really what you want? Most of you guys can’t really answer these questions in words, though many give yourselves and people you surround yourselves with BS answers – your actions prove a life of high performance through QLA is not for you! Meaning, the actions of a non-high performance person readily show non-high performance results!

These two “Pod Specials” (3 hours in total) will go live around the year-end! Call them my holiday gift for you guys! Or perhaps my New Year’s gift! Call it what the fuck you want, but the bottom line, I am telling you what the Lord knows! LOL! And I sincerely hope you use the information to begin the new year with a bang!


To Your Quantum Leap in Life and Business,



P.S. To give you a little teaser about the commitment of this high-performance guy pushing 70, I am including again this video on how I view the lengths I personally continue to go through almost daily, to keep myself on the QLA track! Exercise is only one aspect of a QLA high-performance life! I treat all aspects of my life with the same reckless abandon!

P.P.S. At this juncture I have no plans for my next QLA Castle Seminar past October, but if there is sufficient interest, I will respond to fill the need!

P.P.P.S. For those that have not yet seen the latest update of my travel schedule, I will be visiting Peña Palace in Portugal! WTF! It doesn’t get much better than that – unless I buy it! LOL! WTF!