Newsletter#113: My 2 Metaphysical Discoveries Within 24 Hours

Posted on October 20, 2014



Well, to say I am overwhelmed to announce the headline would be an understatement of biblical proportions! It sounds like an internet marketing BS scam to merely sell some internet crap like all others do! LOL! But it is absolutely true and I will explain later on in this newsletter and suffice it to say that no one was more surprised than me! WTF! As I have said countless times – Man plans and God laughs! More later!



In late September, Sally and I were full paying attendees at Dave Asprey’s Bio Hacking Conference in Pasadena, California! And when he posts the clips of the event online, you will be able to quickly spot me and one of my young mentees – because we were the only 2 people at the 3-day event wearing 3 piece suits! Or as I have told more people than I can count – Hey kids, you only have one time to make a first impression! And to say we made an impression would be a gross understatement! Hell, we were just about the only 2 people wearing anything but T-shirts, etc.! And a few were going barefoot to grip the Earth better, etc., for all its goodness! WTF!

It was a very interesting conference, especially the speakers that focused on getting in a flow and/or being in the zone. What was confirmed to me, speaker after speaker: I have been in what they call the flow most of my life; and I said so to all that would listen, as I spoke to countless attendees, including my podcast interview with Dave! Most of the  specific actions the audience was told to take – I have been doing 40 years without electronic aids and meditation! I was running 50-mile marathons and 100-mile endurance races 35-40 years ago! I was taking countless pills and potions even before many of the participants of the conference were born! WTF! I didn’t know it was anything to brag about, because I have always pushed myself on the edge, looking for better ways to enhance one’s performance! I have been following what is now called the Spartan Way long before it became popular! As many of you know, I have been extremely anal about my health for a very long time. Hence, the way I look at almost 70, compared to virtually all other people my age, or even much younger! Hell, take a look at yourself! What will you look like at 70?



During one of the speaking sessions, I came in at the very end, because it was about meditation! I came in late and was not really interested, but joined in the last 5 minutes or so. WTF! Boy, was I glad I did! Call it serendipity, or merely good fortune, but it answered a lot of questions for me – especially strange since I don’t look for too many answers! LOL! It was a unique feeling that I was able to attempt and complete the actions and obtain the subsequent relevant results with ease! One of the results was that I was able to see through my 3rd eye in my forehead (WTF) almost as clear as when I opened my other 2 eyes! Again WTF! The people with me were shocked and I really think they didn’t even believe me. Hell, I was shocked, it was so fucking easy! All I did was focus with immense concentration, as I have always done, and the rest was pretty simple for me! This was the first metaphysical thing that occurred and 24 hrs later, after the conference, it happened again – but more about that later!

I am not sure what this means, but since I have never – not even for a single minute – meditated in my entire life – it must mean something! Hell, I have been saying I was high on life since the late 60’s! Now, admittedly, my power of concentration is and always has been extraordinary, since my army training! In fact, other people say it is legendary and almost cosmic! I can work at lengths of time that are staggering – even now! And when I went back to university after the Army, I took as many as 26 semester units at a time (which is about double the norm), while carrying a 3.5 GPA! My ability to concentrate is currently evidenced by my habit of only getting up to go to the bathroom infrequently while in my zone, but I sometimes forget to do even that and I have to rush off to pee, etc. LOL! But I have always said – it is all in your mind – and your mind doesn’t know you can’t do things! And after this conference, I believe it now more than ever and I know it can be taught! I can work 5-10 hrs straight with no problem, though I do take towards the end of a 6-8 hr work stint some time out to beat myself severely in the gym with weights/aerobics, including intervals! And when I was younger, I could work in an even more laser beam focused manner over a few days – I was viciously laser beam focused! And I know it can be taught, because I have coached many, but only if you are willing to pay the price to action, by forming extraordinary habits and sticking to them – no matter what the obstacles!



Dave interviewed me and it should be out soon! In fact, I have just been told, it will be out on or about the 28th of October. Again, it was obvious that what most of the conference participants attempt to gain through various bits of science and special supplements, I do by mere habits, with mind over matter, that I have attained over many years – though I do consume a lot of supplements as well and I strongly promote exercise,  frequent medical check-ups of blood, hair, urine and faeces – plus various scans, etc.! And I  exercise a lot (5-7 days weekly), despite many saying that you can achieve good health without much exercise! But I am happy someone out there, like Dave, is allowing you easier access to what is now available, etc.! Of course, I never called it bio hacking. My generation merely called it – taking good care of yourself through focus and great habits! And I still do!

BTW, I consumed 5 large cups of Bulletproof Coffee the 1st  day, 7 cups the 2nd day and 8 cups the 3rd day with no adverse effects – sleeping like a baby each night! And I actually liked the taste! But in candour, I feel that way almost all the time. Funny though, some of the attendees kept waiting for me to take off, or levitate – but I didn’t! But more about that later.



Brian Rose will interview me on the 25th of October at Guthrie Castle, a day before the  extraordinary Castle Seminar begins. It will be an epic confrontation! I am thankful to Brian, for coming to Guthrie, but more importantly, he will take part as a regular attendee the entire week! WTF! And he will upload daily updates to his band of renowned followers what he experienced that day. And if he is up to it (LOL), we will have a 3rd Hassle at the Castle, to end the seminar extravaganza! And I know without a doubt – it will change his life forever! WTF! And yeah, I plan on beating him like a rented mule, metaphorically speaking of course – just like everyone else! I will give no quarter and I surely expect no quarter either!



In addition to the above interviews, I have 2 more major interviews scheduled with leading podcasters and with one of the top business radio shows in the next few weeks! Plus, I just gave an interview to a leading online magazine, which should be published soon. WTF! Ain’t show business great! I am loving it!

In this regard, if you guys have other appropriate podcasts, radio, magazines, or TV shows that the QLA message would resonate with – let me know! Or let the respective shows know! I want to spread QLA to as many people as humanly possible!



I could have closed it a few weeks ago. But I was not sure if I would have another castle seminar in early 2015! And again, like the last 2 castle seminars, my lovely wife Sally had to adjust our travel plans! But I wanted to have good news in reference to giving another castle seminar, especially since there was such great demand!

We have already received payments for a seminar that is still yet to be announced! WTF! So again, I am responding to the need of more QLA devotees to participate in this life changing experience. At this rate, I will never be able to stop these castle events! LOL! For more info, contact Thelma at ASAP! Mark the date – January 17-24, 2015 – QLA Seminar at my fairy tale story book 15th century Guthrie Castle. What a great way to begin the new year towards fulfilling your dreams! For those of you that have been there, you know it is the perfect metaphor to illustrate – yesterday’s dreams are today’s realities! And for those of you that don’t recall – I made “a castle on an island” one of my goals way back in March/April of 1983, and I moved in August 1984, only 17 months later! WTF!


To Your Quantum Leap in Life and Business,



P.S. Here is an interview I did for the business students of Louisiana State University (LSU) a few weeks ago. I have a soft spot for the kids there, because I won a golf tourney in the early 90’s and they were very nice to me. And remember, these are just undergraduate college kids! WTF! Just think if you were this switched-on this young?

P.P.S. Next week, I will do an audition in London vis-à-vis my reality show! They want to see if I have camera presence, etc. LOL! I am looking forward to this exposure and as I have said, I find it extremely amusing being discovered as a talent at this late stage of my life! LOL!

P.P.P.S. As I have spoken of above, there were, I believe, 2 metaphysical events that occurred during and immediately after the 3 day bio hacking conference I attended. And they both happened within exactly 24 hours! They are as follows:

1) My ability to concentrate, which I mentioned above, has always been my strength! We all experienced it as students being able to cram for exams, etc. So we all have experienced it at some level! But we stop doing it because the need to assimilate large bits of information diminishes as the exams come and go. WTF! But ask yourself, why? Strangely, I didn’t let that need go! When I came back from the military and completed a 4-year degree in 2 ½ years, I developed the extraordinary habits needed to get a lot done in a very short period of time! And because I thought that I was at least 4 years behind my contemporaries at that time, due to the years I had been in the military, I continued the hectic pass when I got my first job! (Hell, I am ostensibly on holiday and I am  writing newsletters, seeing mentees and having conference calls, as I travel around the Mediterranean, Europe and now I’m in the Canary Islands, as if I was at my office! WTF!) I have been and always am in a BIG hurry! Of course, this is no different than other super high performers you have read about!

What I didn’t realize, as I do now, is just how almost spiritual my actions truly are. It is like I am following a religious order, or am part of my own cult! I have never been like other people, since I got out of the military and my OCS experience, which was my first high performance act, and which I have written about many times over the years! And unlike most of you, I never analyzed  it! All I knew was it got extraordinary results! I appreciate many of you read books, attend seminars and listen to pods searching for this holy grail. WTF! Unfortunately, most that endeavor through those actions to find it – do not pull the trigger and follow through – they merely look for a better answer, or in truth, a more comfortable method! They convince themselves that the search is part of the end – when it is not!Instead of taking action, or merely just fucking doing it and potentially failing, they conduct more BS research! For example: I gained my recent experience with pods starting only from my initial exposure on London Real TV. As soon as “I felt it might work for me”, which was almost immediate, I started a podcast of my own, pushed to get exposure on other pods and got an agent to explore the possibilities of a reality show. And I did all these since Easter Sunday, earlier this year, with little or no in depth research! And I just published my 8th podcast episode! WTF! I did it because I am always in a hurry and I am not afraid of failing! I have been this way for more than 45 years, way before I had any money whatsoever!

Now I am cognizant, the entire 500 people at the bio hacking conference were searching for what I have. Dave Asprey said during our interview, “Do you think you being in the flow/zone most of your life is the reason you have been so successful?” And I said, “Absolutely!”. But truth be told – I force myself to stay in the flow/zone all the time – even when I am travelling around the world with my wife! I force the flow, which may sound counter-intuitive! But I do it even when I don’t feel like being productive – and now it is part of my very being! And you can do it as well!

2) As I have also mentioned above, I had attended, for a few minutes, a meditation session. Though I had never meditated for a single minute my entire life! Yet in less than a minute’s instruction, I was able to implement the master’s steps vis-à-vis using my 3rd eye. This is called, I believe, a 3rd eye chakra! But unlike most of you, I will not research on this new found gift. Why? I do not give a fuck or care why! I have only used it once since I discovered I could do it, which is another fantastic story that I will share in detail with seminar attendees. Bottom line: I spent an afternoon with a dear friend that had just been pronounced dead and was brought back after about 12 minutes with 9 jolts from a defibrillator! WTF! She had died at her son’s rehearsal dinner! I wanted to show her with Sally as a witness, my new found gift. BTW, she said she only saw dark grey and only wanted to get to her son’s wedding while being dead! She had regrets for not being able to attend her son’s wedding when she died. Hence, her last thought was this regret! And she carried it over to her death! Remember, I keep telling you all about the regrets we all have and QLA’s main task is to minimize those regrets! And shockingly, they had stopped at 7 jolts of the defibrillator, but decided to try another couple of jolts and she was revived! Are you fucking kidding me? WTF! I always knew my “regret minimization concept”was biblical in nature, but I was never able to talk about it with anyone that had actually died! Now, I have and it was a feeling that I can’t describe in words! And I have my dear friend Mari to thank! Hence, when I tell you in the future – I am telling you what the Lord knows – it will have geometrically more meaning!

As an aside, she and her husband attended one of my first QLA seminars in 1993/4 and they are extremely successful by anyone’s standards! She and her husband will be at my 70th birthday on August next year!

Now, are these two events metaphysical? I don’t know, but they do certainly separate me from most! I am told that the 1st incident that I experienced at the conference, can be taught through meditation. Maybe so, but since I have never ever meditated, I can only say what happened to me. As for the 2nd event I described – I am positive, you can be trained to eliminate most regrets with constant and strict habitual positive actions with focused follow up, thus creating a strong basis and foundation of excellence! Hell, how do you think world class athletes have been doing it for countless years?

But both are manifestations of – You are who you hang around with! And show me your friends and I will show you your future! If you continue to be slap happy in your convictions and with your friends/buddies – you will be slap happy with your life’s results!