Newsletter#114: QLA War Plans and Taking On 2015!

Posted on Dec 8, 2014



The New Year is rapidly approaching us! WTF! 2015 will be a great year! Hell, I will be 70! LOL!

2014 has been an exceptional year for me and many of my QLA mentee/devotees who were willing to pay the price to action! And 2015 can be an exceptional year for you, as well, if you want it bad enough! I know many of you expect my years to be exceptional, but you have no fucking idea how hard I continue to work at my goals, even at the age of 69 – and I plan on having the same mindset when I am 89 and beyond! As my wife Sally would attest to – I never let up! Never! And this is exemplified, when I review all my mentees’ weekly progress reports (which include hours worked), proving that I still work more hours than almost all! LOL! And many are ½ my age or less! WTF!

As I have announced, I will have a 70th Birthday Gala this coming 10th of August in 2015! Again for those that are QLA alumni, I hope you can make it! We have already had RSVP confirmations from QLA luminaries! And I fully expect more that are still working out the details! But my 70th gala is not just for the luminaries! I would not be where I am in life today, without ALL the QLA alumni that participated in the last 21 years! I have morphed as a coach and mentor based on each and everyone one of you that I had the privilege to interact with – driving myself to be the best I can be! For that, I am eternally grateful! In addition, a number of blasts from the past have already confirmed attendance! These are people that gave me a helping hand early on in my career! I only wish my parents were still alive to see all of you!



Albeit slowly for me (but everything is slow to me), my new career is moving forward and now I am also in direct discussions with USA representatives, through my agents from WME, vis-à-vis the possibility of an American reality show as well. WTF! Plus, I have now recently participated in a UK quasi audition to see how I would do in front of the camera, etc.! I call it quasi, because they sprung it on me at the last minute and normally you have time to prepare! Of course, I thought this was amusing, for whatever reason they did it! I also think it to be funny, now being called a talent! I have always known I had talent, LOL, but to be called a talent feels a little strange – but well within my comfort zone! Apparently the production company was shocked, I could go as strongly as I did, ripping and slashing like a buccaneer boarding an enemy ship against the foil protagonist they put in front of me! WTF! Hell, I have been called a cowboy, or a gunslinger, early in my career, but I never had been asked to verbally brutalize a wannabee kid entrepreneur, like a swashbuckling mercenary! (And contrary to what political correctness says – that is exactly WTF many of you need, more than the air you breath! To be verbally slapped till the political correctness leaves your body like an unwanted plague!) Needless to say, and I don’t want to sound braggadocios, I was terrific, though I did think it didn’t go well, based on the shocked look on their UK faces! If the audition had been in the USA, I doubt anyone would have looked so awestruck! LOL! As an aside, I did feel sorry for the kid I confronted, but that was the mission I was given by the directors of the scene – to show, when appropriate, how I can go after the seminar attendees at the castle – no holds barred! And truth be known, I was going at the kid at only about 50%! LOL! My own grown kids would have thought. I was taking it easy on him!

More in the show business vein, my second and third London Real TV interview (combined), along with its well-followed blog, have been published by the founder Brian Rose! (Again many thanks to Brian for the opportunity to be on his show and opening an entirely new career for me!) The blog was written based on Brian’s in-depth reflections of the whole castle seminar experience! Both interviews were taped at Guthrie Castle, one before and the second was after the recent October week-long seminar, which Brian went through, with flying colors! In fact, I dare to say he is a QLA convert and as I told him when I first met him back in April – I will change your life! And to his credit – he did and came to Guthrie Castle to experience the beginning of an epic paradigm shift! WTF! But you must view the interviews and read the blog for yourself! Brian’s poignant questions and comments speak volumes! He did an incredible job on the blog and interviews! And based on the massive downloads and positive comments on iTunes and on YouTube, subsequent to its posting – Brian and I hit it four 6 (cricket term), or hit a grand slam (baseball term) home run! WTF! Who would have thought it? Especially since, as he had said himself, he was looking for a reason not to attend! He is now going through the year-long free QLA mentor program and all its manifestations, along with 15 other QLA devotees, who attended the seminar! As promised, I will beat them all like rented mules (metaphorically speaking, of course) – and I have already put some blood in the street! LOL! And the only difference – some will need extra beatings!

In addition, I have completed a number of podcast interviews; did an interview for a popular online magazine; was invited as a guest on a popular financial radio show, and all are poised for release. I will announce them as they come out on social media and post them all on In all, I have given or am soon to give 13 interviews! WTF! Ain’t show biz great!



It was a tremendous success with kids from all over the world: Austria, Switzerland, USA, England, Israel, Canada, Germany, Scotland, Bermuda and Lithuania! WTF! We had 4 engineers, including Brian Rose of London Real; an actor; travel hospitality guy; a wealthy banker; a security guy; an MBA consultant; an internet guru; a re-insurance guy; a financial analyst; a trash/garbage guy; a dentist; and 2 repeater superstars attending for the 6th and 8th time! WTF! Needless to say, the other attendees asked them why they continue to attend and pay for the experiences, etc.! LOL! Not putting words in their mouths – QLA is the only game in town and fucking works big time! But check for yourself the testimonials by Marcus Bauer and Robert Maier to hear their reasons in their own words, for returning so many times!

And speaking of testimonials, here is London Real TV’s Brian Rose and his castle seminar testimonial! WTF! Even with all of Brian’s success, QLA will show him how to go to the next level(s), as will all the attendees, if they stay focused and want it bad enough! WTF!



At the close of the seminar, I got very emotional with tears in my eyes and it was caught on film! WTF! Not because it was for YouTube, nor was I merely testing my acting abilities – but because I feel so overwhelmingly passionate, knowing better than the attendees what they are capable of, only if they put their mind, body and soul into it 100%, while following QLA and my leadership! And I now know, I was not the only guy that cried, though the macho men hid their tears better than I, who was being filmed! I truly love, more than I can describe, pulling these kids across the goal line, like Forrest Gump did in the  movie, pulling dying soldiers to safety! Of course, Gump got the Congressional Medal Of Honour – America’s highest combat award! All I “may” receive is a pat on the back and a simple Thank You Dan! LOL! Of course, this will be my QLA legacy!

If you kids love doing what you do only 10% as much as I do, being the best high performance coach on the planet, as measured by creating wealth – you all would be successful beyond your wildest dreams! I hope and pray you take advantage of all the free QLA content, You Tube and iTunes in the new year! If you don’t, you all know who you can blame! YOU!

And at the end of the seminar, I got a rousing standing ovation that lasted a couple minutes – a first for me and the castle seminar! WTF! Of course I took a few bows at the waste, practicing for my new show business career! It was a very special moment! The kids said, I am at the top of my game! I feel it and can’t wait for the new year and make my 70’s, my most productive decade! WTF! I feel more Quantum Leaps in my bones and soul! And not merely for me – but mostly for my mentees that have the balls and commitment to stay the course and follow the absolutely proven QLA model!


To Your Quantum Leap in Life and Business,  


P.S. The results from the recent podcast posts and blog article by Brian Rose and his London Real TV interviews of me have been exceptional! Brian did himself, London Real TV and me proud! His ability to capture the essence of the seminar and me was exceptional! Of course, QLA and the seminar is not for everyone, as Brian points out quite clearly! QLA is a harsh (and sometimes rude) reality check for where you are in your life! Some, if not most, will come to the critical conclusion they have pissed a good part, if not all, of their lives away! This is an extremely hard decision to come to at any stage of life! There is no certain date for a midlife crisis, because it can come at any age! But it normally arrives around 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years of age for men – but now even earlier in this news-centric 24/7/365 world! Of course, women are a completely different kettle of fish! LOL! God bless the opposite sex!

P.P.S. I hear all the time from you kids, my dream is so and so, etc.! And the more I drill down the more it becomes extremely obvious that  the kids only have dreams – but no action plan to accomplish them! In fact, they are nothing more than fantasies – like running a 3-hour marathon (which I have done) – with no training to substantiate, or even potentially validate the remote possibility of attaining the dream! Wishing, hoping and dreaming without an action plan – is nothing more than a pipe dream! And perhaps that is why they use the word dream to begin with! When I say this, it sounds very harsh and I know it, but after 21 years of coaching and mentoring countless kids – I know of what I speak! QLA is based on WAR PLANS, not mere action plans! Because when you get out in the real rough and tumble, dog-eat-dog world that exists to create wealth – if you’re not at war you will not survive! As I have told my mentees countless times, if we were at war – we would all be dead! Failure is not a fucking option! And you don’t have to be an Alpha Male to succeed at war! We are not talking about hand to hand combat! LOL! But we do have to train our minds and practice to make the very tough emotional calls!

P.P.P.S. QLA is not about filling your brain with information – it is starting a fire within your heart and soul! Can you handle the QLA experience? Are you prepared to suffer (and admit) the consequences of your own past choices? These are questions you should be asking yourself daily! Again, if today was a test – would you pass? If you are prepared to do so – YOU WILL RIP THE ASS OUT OF 2015, LIKE A HOT KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER!

P.P.P.P.S. Hot off the press from iTunes – Ask The 50 Billion Dollar Man Podcast is #3 in the Business Category (Investing – Subcategory)! WTF! And I have only produced 9 podcasts! For this I thank all you that have listened and participated! And I will be announcing before the year end the winners of the “Win a QLA Castle Seminar” and the 2nd place winners that will get to spend an afternoon and lunch with me!

P.P.P.P.P.S. Most of you have not clicked on the links above (testimonials from Brian, the castle seminar veterans and London Real TV interviews and blog by Brian Rose), because you are so fucking busy! I ask you: busy doing what? Listening to other BS business pods and listening to other horseshit self-help CD’s? If your fucking routine and methodology was so damn good, you would not be where you are now! What has all your studying got you so far? Fuck all! Do you agree on this very simple fact? Be absolutely and brutally honest with yourself! So do yourself and family a big favor and listen and read what the much more successful people above have to say and how they did it! Hell, you might learn something! Wouldn’t that be a shock? Instead of reading/listening to the same old shit regurgitated in various formats! And more importantly, you could learn how these guys plan on doing it,  again in 2015! Or maybe you like how you did in 2014? Or perhaps you are going to start the new year just like the past years – with BIG FUCKING TALK AND NO FUCKING ACTION!