Paving the Way

Paving the WaySucceeding in a certain field has never been easy. I have tried all possible ways to be able to know why there are people who try their best but still seem to be going nowhere. While some people seem to be succeeding easily, others don’t. My father is one of those lucky few who have succeeded. But I don’t always want to be called my father’s son. I want to have my own personality, and own identity and be able to succeed because of my own hard work. I think that my father knows my desire to succeed and yet he also knows that I want to be able to be as independent as I can.

My father paved the way for me by giving me a book titled Your First 100 Million by Dan Pena. I have learned in the book his legendary Quantum Leap Advantage. Dan Pena’s story on his business failures and successes has inspired me to try harder. He has shared his insights on the Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology and shares how he is able to build his business empire, the Guthrie Group, and he has shared his knowledge to thousands of those who are trying to have a place in the business world.

He also gave me a copy of the Quantum Leap Bootcamp file which made me realize that being TERRIFIC is not the only thing that counts in the business world. It is being one tough cookie. It helped me accept the fact that I am not happy where I am and that I need to be somewhere else! I took the blame and didn’t point fingers to those who tried to discourage me or confuse me with my decisions. The running time of almost 3 and a half hours won’t make you feel stoned since the words of Dan are straightforward and would hit you right on the spot! There are 14 tracks to follow and choose from and the MP3 file audio makes it easy for you to access and be able to listen to it anywhere you are.

I would like to thank my father and Dan Pena for paving the way not only to me but for those who know where they are going and have open doors in front of them and also for those who still need someone to pave the way for them.