Powerful Words from a Business Tycoon

Powerful Words from a Business TycoonHave you attended seminars and lectures and have done nothing but yawn and fight your sleepiness? Some people are not able to resist the urge to sleep as you do. It’s such a drain both physically and mentally to stay in a place and sit all day listening to things you already know or things that do not seem to make sense at all.

Come and attend one of Dan Pena’s Business seminars. You will be given a choice to attend his 3-Day and 7-Day Castle Extravaganza Seminars which will be held in the historic Guthrie Castle in Scotland. You will be provided with different business techniques, methodologies and theories that will surely put you on the podium of success. You will be given tips and trivia that businessmen from all over the world have known keeping them on top of their games. You will be having remarkable business seminars with businesspeople from the United States, United Kingdom, Iceland, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland and other different countries.

Dan Pena’s Quantum Leap Advantage Action War Plan will be presented as you will also be provided with Sample Letters, Phone Scripts and Interview Scripts that will make things a little easier for you as you get more comfortable with high performance and prepare you for your Quantum Leap as you are given 15 keys and 8 power strategies to achieve it! Dan Pena also encourages you to start and doing something NOW to be able to get somewhere tomorrow. You will be educated on how to raise your own capital, how to find someone who will support you and finance your dreams and also how to make deals and acquisitions easier.

The seminars will also train you how to become a leader since a great leader is what it takes to make something work. A great leader is very important to bring money to a company and since money is a great motivator, hard work from your down lines will follow as well. Attendees will also know that being a great leader means also becoming a great follower and a lot of other techniques on how to become a good businessman.

For inquiries you can email: thelmag@guthriecastle.com to reserve and be touched with Dan’s powerful words and we assure you that your money is worth every minute of your presence. Sleepiness won’t be a problem for you will also enjoy being entertained with the Castle’s amenities.