Personal Development Program, Leadership Training Seminar

The Dan Pena Personal Development Program and Leadership Training Seminar was a grand success. All attendees had a great time and going by some of the comments registered here the experience was outstanding. In fact a number of registrations were already signed for the next event. This newsletter gives an insight into the various experiences of people during this 3-Day and 4-Night Personal Development Program and Leadership Training Seminar.

The attendees ranged from the ages 27 to 68 and came from the USA, England, Germany, Canada and Netherlands with varied backgrounds from real estate, construction; commercial cleaning, internet; software and financial services, amongst others.

Through this Personal Development Program and Leadership Training Seminar many people benefited and achieved the “stretch” they were looking for. It was a congregation of people who aimed at achieving similar goals and with a strong belief in the QLA. Overall it helped people identify and realise one’s potential and releasing it from the shackles.

In fact this Personal Development Program and Leadership Training Seminar brought out the best in many people where they could laugh at one’s elf without becoming tense or upset – an easy way of improving self-esteem.

Overall, the attendees found Dan coming out stronger each day at this Personal Development Program and Leadership Training Seminar. In fact there was also an overlap of subjects which were not part of the seminar. Find out how Dan plans to go about the next seminar along with an array of topics that would take care of various aspects in leadership.


8th April 2004

From Dan Peña – Executive Coach and Mentor to the High Performer.
Dear Friend and Subscriber,

“Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not. Responsibilities need not erase it, duties need not obscure it. Because the dream is within you, no one can take it away.” – Unknown


Well another Castle Experience is history! All attendees had a great time. The comments below clearly indicate the experience was outstanding and all would come back again and recommend it! In fact a number of them have already signed up for the different format in August and even seminars not yet scheduled that we discussed I might, or should give. More about that later.

I had forgotten how much fun the 3 day and 4 nights were. The attendees ranged in age from 27 to 68 and came from the USA, England, Germany, Canada (by way of Pakistan) and the Netherlands. The group was varied in their backgrounds: various forms of real estate; construction; commercial cleaning; internet; software and financial services, amongst others.


I really enjoyed these 3 days, hope to be back soon, together with other people from other organisations. – Gerard (previous Castle attendee)

I achieved the “stretch” I was hunting for…It is highly unlikely in life that I will meet anybody with your (DSP’s) presence. – John (Signed up for Aug)

I have found the whole experience very enjoyable. Nice to interact with others that are trying to achieve similar goals. I will be back in August and we will by that time have tripled in size. – Michael (Signed up for Aug)

QLA is something I really believe in. – Henk

Thanks a lot Dan, you have brought out the best in me. I have learned to laugh at myself, without becoming tense or upset – that means my self esteem has improved. I shall attend another of your seminars in October – Habib

Things I’ve learned: Do not share doubts – I’ve been doing that for a long time. Dealing with you Dan, someone I view as one of the biggest hard-asses on earth makes dealing with anyone else (i.e. bankers and other business people) much easier. I can do it, I can be an assassin – it’s not magic. – Bill (signed up for Aug)

The seminar, in my view, is about identifying and realising our potential. It has released me from my own shackles…which now seems completely obvious. Crystallisation of future “Plan of Action”…Freedom from a substantial amount of dross I had carried, i.e. “Like the removal of a heavy coat.” Certain precepts have been totally dispelled…Self esteem has certainly been boosted…A reality check I would recommend – I will definitely return. – Martin

I can recommend anybody to visit the seminar and see Dan in action. An experience for an eternity. I would come back and do the seminar again anytime. – Ricardo


As I have written countless times I get many letters and emails relating great experiences. I knew as soon as I read it I had to share this letter from John. It is especially remarkable because he is 59! I get great gratification when I see people win against conventional wisdom. Please read it and feel his success!

Dear Dan,

I took your advice after reading your book and decided to buy a business. I had little money to play with so I went for “perception is reality” and took it from there.

I did my homework (very thoroughly) and discovered that the sellers liked a drink and a bet on the horses. They were also deep in debt. My kind of people, if you see what I mean!

Next I paid the outstanding tax liens on the property.

” Now let’s talk about buying your business.”

Raising the finance was not easy. I went from bank to bank and lender to lender until I was finally accepted. I will always remember this doofus banker looking over his horn-rimmed spectacles and telling me in all seriousness, “Do you realise that this loan is 3% over LIBOR?”

Stupid idiot!

I am now the proud owner of a large, thriving guesthouse.

Not bad for a 59 year old guy with lousy credit ratings.

I would also add:

1. It was not easy, several times I almost filed the whole shebang under “nightmares I have avoided” because it was an 18 months long, real-life nightmare.

2. It helps to have a slush fund.

3. It helps to have grim determination.

4. It helps to be slightly crazy.

5. My people no longer ask me where I am going when I see them don my shirt and tie. They know I am going to the bank.

Thanks Dan, I would never have attempted anything like this until I met you.

Thanks a million, and here’s to my first million.


Dear John,

Congratulations! Keep pushing!

To Your Quantum Leap,



After giving my first Castle Experience in over 2½ years I was interested in the comments from the attendees. As all the attendees would say I ended each day stronger than I started – because I am doing something I am passionate about! It was also made clear to me there was interest in additional topic areas. Therefore, I will now expand the new material to a full day in my next August Castle Experience. QLA, Raising Capital and Deal Making & Acquisitions will make up 2 days. The third day will focus on leadership, selling your dream, sales training, overcoming objections and focused follow through. This is a great mix of information and Michael Pierce will join us in August!

To Your Quantum Leap,


P.S. Financing Your Dream: To assist in cash flow management my team will allow Castle Experience attendees to pay for their tuition in instalments. If you need more information contact Paul at

P.P.S. Going forward the following seminars will be given at Guthrie Castle:#

June: 3 Day QLA, Raising Capital, Deal Making and Acquisitions (as scheduled).

August: 3 Day QLA, Raising Capital, Deal Making and Acquisitions, Leadership, Sales & Marketing.


1 Day QLA; 1 Day Leadership, Sales, Marketing; 1 Day Raising Capital Deals and the art of Close.

2 Day Finance, Capital, Deals and the Art of Close.

3 Day QLA, Finance, Capital, Deals and the Art of Close.

P.P.P.S. Details of Guthrie Castle Seminars planned for 2005 will be published later this year along with details of the increased price structure.