Have You Done Enough?

God Laughs

Dear QLA Devotee and Visionary:

Yes, man does plan and the Big Man does laugh! But man still needs to plan and have and execute goals and plans.

Man doesn’t plan to fail. Man fails to plan.

A lot has happened in the last few months in the world.

Sadly Haiti and Chile earthquakes have killed many. Banks are makings tons again, yet are not lending as they should be! The health care agenda in the U.S.A. has slowed down and may be stopped. But through these tough times people are still succeeding against the odds. Of course not all these successes are using QLA, but I can assure you they are following some form of QLA system. All success that is not luck of the spin, or turning a card has the same elements: absolute laser beam focus, unquestioned perseverance, risk taking, discipline, tons of hard work, pushing their comfort zone to new limits, paying the price to action – meaning there is a price for every action in life, and implementation and execution that is beyond the common consensus.

Whether you call it QLA or whatever, this is what it takes to succeed against the overwhelming odds in this economic environment. It happens and you can do it – if you want it bad enough. The plain truth is MOST PEOPLE DO NOT WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! They talk about it, read about it; take some easy actions about it even attending expensive seminars, then stop when it gets tough. Or stop when they start listening to the people around them saying why are you doing this or that, etc? I have written countless times – we all know how to lose weight. We all know how to get physically fit. It takes hard work and discipline! Yet people make it sound like a mystery! When we know it is not! It’s like a new year’s resolution – you know what I mean. By now most New Year’s goals have gone by the way side. Why?

In this regard I have had time to reflect on my many mentees and QLA in recent weeks.

I buried my Father a few weeks ago and thought of a lot of things including a number of my mentees, protégés, business partners and friends. My Dad was 91 and had a full life. He died peacefully in his sleep.

I thought of the good I have done and where I have not done such a good job, or where I could have done a better job. It makes you think about one’s life and what you could’ve done that you didn’t; the people you influenced and the ones you could have influenced more. And those that still have more runway in their lives – the ones who have run out of runway and their lives are nearing their end. What we can still do? Of course as for me that is why I am going to China. In fact I arrived here with my youngest son in the last few days. He has moved here armed with his recently obtained MBA. He is immersed in a total business Chinese program at the Shanghai University. There is no English whatsoever! It is sink or swim! Live or die! No escape! No back up plans! No plan-B! Sound familiar?

At my Dad’s memorial there were many men/women that approached me to say how much he changed their lives dating back 70 years. In his field he was an icon – a man of stern steel. A MANS MAN! Many told me they felt ashamed they hadn’t done more when compared to my Dad’s accomplishments, considering he started as a shoe shine boy at age 7 helping to support his family. To say it was an extremely reflective event for me would be an understatement of biblical proportion!

From my Dad’s eulogy I gave:

A final story I often relate about my Dad, which illustrated who he was and how he lived his life was how he met me when I landed in Leharve France in mid 1951. I ran up to hug him and came away from him with blood on my little arms and hands. What I didn’t know was he had just had surgery to remove a tumor from his back, early that morning. Yes he had undergone surgery, yet he was there to meet me at the boat as it docked hundreds of miles away on the west coast of France that evening.  The story doesn’t stop there. What I found out later was he would not allow the surgeons to put him under with a general anesthetic. He only allowed the surgeons to use a local, because he refused to be unconscious for fear of someone extracting top secret info while he was under (my Dad was head of criminal investigation division (CID) during the cold war in Europe.) He underwent the entire surgery with mirrors watching the cutting, etc, by the surgeons – with a loaded 45 automatic in his hand.

YAH MY DAD WAS TOUGH! He was super hero tough. No props, extras or stunt men.

As I reflect about the memorial service, I think about what I often say: if people were writing your obituary now – what would they say? Could you have done more with your life? Could you have helped more people than you did? Did you take advantage of ALL your own resources? There is always time to make things better. This is one reason I continue to coach.

I saw grown men 40, 50, 60, and 70 shed tears trying to put in words what my Dad had meant to them, their families and lives. It was something I will never forget, if I live to be 100. One of the finest things that happened to me, in a long time, was when my 91 and 93 yr old aunts said, “You’re like your Father”.

The eulogy was tough but I got thru it – after all, I am my Dad’s son. But putting his ashes in the crypt was surreal. The finality was overwhelming. I put him in next to his favorite sister with a folded American flag the honor guard gave the family. He had an honor guard for his distinguished service in two wars and a lifetime in public service in law enforcement and education.

Unfortunately, I am asked to often to give eulogies because I do it very well. In recent years I have had too much practice.

I say all this because I have been privileged to have a great impact on countless numbers including a global 25 CEO and all size CO’s and too many entrepreneurs to count. I have been blessed. Many of my mentees and students have had great runs and some have failed, almost always falling forward in their quest for success to fulfill their dreams. Can you say the same? Have you given yourself an opportunity to achieve your dreams and goals? Have you done all you can to put your loved ones where they should be? It’s not too late! It’s never too late! It’s only too late if you stop trying! And always remember “old age regret” is an awful thing to experience!

As a mentor I have said – you only have one time to make a first impression and time is the only thing we can’t replace – so use it well! What does that mean? Take risks. For at the end of the day men/women are known for the risks they took – not the ones that passed them by. Be all you can be – not a mere fraction of what you can be.

It still amazes me for all the missed hits I have had in business, I am known for the success I have participated in my nearly 40 years in the trenches. Not the pop flies, strike outs, and fumbles I have made. What most people (you) worry about – when it comes to your obituary no one cares. Yet you dwell your entire lives over what people might think or God forbid say about you. I can assure you when they bury you – they only say nice things about you!

I read emails weekly from people struggling in life. I get emails from people who are using my methodologies successfully. I have had the same struggles and successes. I still struggle even today, but the quantum is different. I have been doing this for a very long time now – and some things don’t change – only the players change. Economies go up. Economies go down. There is never a perfect time to make hard and difficult decisions, yet I continue to see people ponder on the correct timing, etc.

I still talk and have business dealings with people that attended my first QLA Seminar way back in May 1993. I have had close relationships with many that have enriched my life beyond the imagination. I have assisted countless individuals attain their dreams that they aspired to, but thought beyond their reach. Ask yourself, when you attend a service as I did,”what could I have done to better enhance the people around me”?

Most of you have an idea you keep to yourself; you continue to noodle it; you get excited; you tell someone; you then get nervous because the feedback and , or initial results weren’t what you wanted; you then try for more feedback; you then get scared; you then drag your feet; and ultimately it dies a very quiet death. Sound familiar? Why?

So I thought, “Dan – in all  your infinite experience and wisdom how can you short cut the success process for your  upcoming castle seminar attendees when they leave Guthrie Castle the 24th of April?” But I have always surmised in the past, once the attendee has the information verbally from me and the CD’s, etc, it is up to them. I now think differently based on information from some of my successful mentees, who believe more interface with me would of impacted them greatly! And I thought me yelling at the attendees at the castle would be enough for them for a life time! LOL!

Hence, I have changed the upcoming QLA Seminar not just making the economic information current, in 2 very different ways: 1) I added more role playing and 1 on 1 with me; and 2) I added, for the first time, follow up on my part.

This is a letter I sent out to the upcoming seminar attendees:

First, let me congratulate you on the best decision of your life.

Your decision to attend the Castle Seminar at my personal estate in April demonstrates that personal growth is a high priority for you, and it’s a quantum step in the right direction.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of my 30+ years of business experience.

I will be showing you firsthand what the Pros are doing, and more importantly not doing, to survive and prosper in the current economic climate.

I wanted to take a moment now and share with you something you are not aware of.

Because you have a made a commitment to change your life, I want to see you thru to that end.  So in addition to the close personal attention you will be receiving from me in April, I wanted to tell you what else you will be receiving from, which was not advertised.

For one full year following the Castle Seminar, you will have direct access to me by email. That means you can email me anytime with your questions or problems – and I will give you a candid and transparent answer.  You will get my personal email address and have direct access to me. If you need to talk personally, I will take your call, but you need to schedule a time with my assistant, as I’m usually travelling or in meetings. 

You may be surprised to know that I still communicate with attendees who came to my 1st seminar in 1993.

As if that wasn’t enough, you will also receive the following:

  1. You will be able to put deals in front of me for my opinion.
  2. You will have access to the monthly update conference calls.
  3. You will also be able to submit short weekly reports for me to monitor your progress and give you direct feedback.
  4. You will be able to ask me to be involved in your deal. I only pick a few deals each year, but you always can ask!
  5. You will have access to other QLA devotees in your area for as long as you wish.
  6. And finally, if I’m in your neighborhood, we can meet up for a drink. Even though I’m now based in Asia, I travel the world and I’m in the UK and USA each quarter.

As you may already know, I charge $3000/hour for my time, and CEO’s pay this without batting an eye!

See you in April!

As good as the seminar has been I am making changes to make the attendee results even better! Don’t get me wrong – I can’t make people succeed! But I can underscore and assist the attendees that they stay the course when it gets tough. And believe me it will get tough! It always gets tough and measures your resolve, myself included. Life always tests you. It’s like raising kids. You have to put your head down and just keep pushing – no matter what! I am absolutely positive that is what my Dad and Mom did when I was growing up. To say I was a challenge to raise would be one of the greatest understatements of the 20th century. As my Dad often said, “We have no goals for Danny other than to keep him ALIVE till he reaches the age of reason”. They were not sure if that would be 20 or 30. Remember – I was expelled from grade school 3 times before I was 10 years old and arrested 5 times for various mischievous deeds, the last being at age 31. Yah I was a challenge growing up!

Well, I am here and some would say I haven’t yet reached the age of reason. And if the age of reason means you believe common consensus is correct or that going against the grain isn’t what a man/woman should do to achieve their dreams – then I might not ever reach the age of reason. After all, I still have dreams. I still have stuff I want to complete before I go. I am still involved in the lives of many working their plans to achieve their dreams and goals and more importantly, I am still loving it!

I look forward to an Awesome 2010!

To Your Quantum Leap,


P.S. If you could start over again how far would you go back, 25, 35 50? Well you don’t have to go back in time like the movie. All you have to do is “suck up you panty hose” and just do it! I have had mentees spring back at age 70!  How old are you? Wouldn’t you love to come back like the phoenix rising from the ashes? Would you be truly grateful for having another chance? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have, yet one more shot to fulfill your dreams? Just do it!

P.P.S. When was the last time you told your parents, kids, and other loved ones – I LOVE YOU? I did tell my Dad and I tell my kids whenever I talk to them, or email them. I didn’t tell my Mother before she passed. As I have written and said before – I didn’t think my Mom was really ill and it will live with me forever. SORRY MOM!

QLA Castle seminar 2010 – www.danpena.com/seminar