QLA Seminar 2010 wrap up

QLA Castle SeminarThe QLA Seminar 2010 was a great success! A chosen elite few were privileged to attend the 7-day Castle Extravaganza and learned how generate mega wealth from scratch – with no money. Check out the testimonials and pictures posted below.


“QLA Seminar is mind-blowing, it´s about correctly rewiring your head. Changes in overall outcome will be for sure tremendous. It sets you up for your personal quantum leap. Additionally the atmosphere of the castle is unique and an experience for itself. What concerns taught business skills – the big difference to other seminars is, Mr. Pena has been there and done it. So the message is clear – “let´s go there and do it”. There are no excuses. The tough school of a true texican oilman. My thanks to Mr. Pena for the seminar. “ –

K. A. Beckmann, Bear Nicholas GmbH & Co KG, Germany



"…Mr. Pena's QLA training provides a wealth of practical knowledges and counsel. The wisdom contained in one thousand books on the subject of business administration does not compare in value to actually spending time the the presence of masters. This is true in any religion, discipline or practice. The QLA training is without doubt, the pinnacle of what is available on the market to aspiring students. The QLA training contains vast practical and fundamental knowedges, however, at it's heart, is a "force multiplier" and "attitude changer". As such, six months ago I was doing SFR foreclosure rehabs, in the last several weeks we have thought about creating a fund for residential, now we have scrapped both and, are taking a shot at the jugular with commercial real estate sourcing and funding structures and the capital sources have appeared – because the vision has manifested itself. Thank You Mr. Pena for being accessable and for being the greatest inspiration I have had, in business and Thank You for caring enough to share your knowledge with QLA attendees 2010..";

Sean J. Brannan, Antioch CA



Hi Dan, I would like to thank you from the deepest of my heart! I had an awsome, Mind blowing, enlightening experience visiting your castle seminar last week. The intense plain text you are using to transport the ultimate 'wisdom of success' is needed to crack old habits, set a new level of focus and give a big-time ass-kick. The combination of know-it and know-how is never seen before. I recommend this seminar to everyone who seriously wants to do serious business.

Björn Kukula, Germany