Real Success

Real SuccessI have always dreamed of becoming successful in my own way. I wanted to put up a business that would not only benefit me but also help those who are jobless since there are a lot of people around looking for a decent work. At first I thought that everything would be just a dream until I was able to get a hold of Mr. Dan Pena’s book on Your First 100 Million.

I learned that he was able to develop his own methodology through his mistakes and experiences. I, myself, have experienced a lot of ups-and-downs while climbing my way to the top but his remarkable story made me inspired and wanted me to keep going. His book and audio CDs helped me realize that it is not only common sense that would help me prosper but also sharing common experiences with others. He also taught me as I was starting where to get the funds that I will need and who to ask for help in terms of financial support and business advice. The book not only mentioned Mr Pena’s story but also different business guides and advice particularly on his Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology and I consider this book as the Business Bible everyone should get a hold of. I have recommended this book to my other friends and they have attested that his tips are indeed true and are very useful. Mr Pena is a powerful speaker and the contents were told straight from the heart of a businessman who has reached his dreams and wants other people to share the same experience with him.

I think Dan and I have a lot of things in common. We both started from small capitals and have dreamed big. We also have the desire to help those wanting to reach their dreams. Mr. Pena offers his powerful advice on what to do to get where you are going. Now, I am experiencing both financial stability and I am able to help others reach for their dreams, and I believe that Dan would agree if I say that being able to help others is a fulfilment no currency can ever pay for and it is the real meaning of success.