Slacking Off

Slacking OffThey say that “too much of something is bad”. It has always been difficult to manage things that you have, especially your finances and it has always been that way for people who choose to slack off and not do anything but wait for some miracle to happen.

Well, I’m one of those people who did that in the past. I slacked off and waited for other people to do certain jobs for me like I was depending on them. I did this for a period of time until I realized that those I thought would help me up were already on top while I was still staying, stagnant where I started. First, I thought it was unfair doing that to me, but then I also realized that it was also unfair on their part to be doing something to someone who doesn’t do anything at all. You see, it’s all about DOING SOMETHING. One of the very few friends who stayed with me and seemed to be concerned enough to tell me exactly what I was doing wrong, gave me a tip on how to start getting up on my own two feet. He told me to check and gave me a video recording of his 3-Day Seminar Event. I was hesitant at first thinking that maybe this friend just wants me to do something else so as not to bother him but then started watching it since I didn’t have anything to do. I admit that being the usually lazy me, I wanted to turn off the video but then because of the speaker’s powerful delivery of the words, I was all ears for the next few hours. Dan Pena’s delivery of his speech was so convincing and the things that he was saying was making sense. He was talking about breaking out of one’s comfort zone and raising oneself to the level where he would like to belong. He also emphasized that a person can visualize today what he wants to be in the future but he has to have the unstoppable self-esteem to be able to be super wealthy.

The video file was so helpful that I have purchased the Quantum Leap Advantage Mega Pack and has really helped change me and my perception in becoming successful. He gave me the idea of setting my goal and now, I am thankful both to my friend and to Mr. Dan Pena for making a new and better me!